Shabana secretary general clears air on player release reports

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FOOTBALL Shabana secretary general clears air on player release reports

Mark Kinyanjui 12:05 - 28.01.2024

Shabana secretary general Elizaphan Kerama has explained the club’s current situation on the six players who are not in Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo’s plans.

Shabana FC Secretary General Elizaphan Kerama has addressed reports suggesting that they have dropped several players from their squad amidst a challenging season. 

Reports swirling around social media have claimed that the club was parting ways with multiple players due to a series of disappointing results.

Silas Shihemi, Eric Ongiri, Denis Kalama Wafula, Johanna Mwita, Victor Kamungo, and Samuel Atiti are the players who are reportedly being forced out of the club..

However, Kerama has now addressed the situation in an interview with Radio 47, asserting that two of the seven players are set to go out on loan, while the club is seeking an amicable solution for the other five who are not in new head coach Sammy ‘Pamzo’ Omollo’s plans.

“If you look, we hired a new coach in Pamzo (Sammy Omollo) who has done a good job in the few weeks he has been there,” Kerama said.

“We have won one and lost one under him and there is alot of hope especially given what he has done so far.

“We are very optimistic the results will become consistently better under his charge.”

Kerama has addressed that the club’s transfer committee are merely trying to find solutions that will enable Pamzo to move on with a squad that will help him achieve his objectives for the season by addressing

“When the transfer window opens, a stipulation by FIFA makes it clear a player can leave team A for team B, so yes it is true we have some players that will not fit the coach’s set up,” Kerama said.

“The coach has said player A and B are not in his plans under him.

“There are two of those players he specifically asked to go out on loan for playing time before we reassess the situation upon their return to the team.

“For the other players, they were not in his plans, so it is down upon us the management to act accordingly. This player who is not in the coach’s plan, what can we do to sort him out especially considering he has a contract with the club? 

“You have to engage him and follow the law.We could decide to loan them out if we reach an understanding. Either the loaning club will play part of your wages or if they are not able to pay, we could cover all costs and have him remain on our payroll even when out on loan.

“You will not play for Shabana, but rather team B but still be on our payroll.”

Shihemi is threatening to take the club to court for failing to offer him notice pay, unfairly dismissing him and for advocates' fees. 

Shihemi, who was reportedly dropped from the team, has formally requested payment of Ksh 754,000 in outstanding dues. Karama has now sworn that the club has no debt on any player.

“There is no Shabana player, be it whether he is actively playing, on the bench or out injured who has not been paid even now. We have no debts with any player.

“If there is any Shabana player who has not been paid, I want him to come out and clearly state whether we owe him anything. I am saying it live on air!!”

Kerama has even gone as far as to say that the club even paid the players out-of-contract bonuses such as Christmas tokens.

“We also have allowances and we have paid everything, including winning bonuses and even Christmas bonuses. That latter one is not on the contract but more of just a gift in efforts to motivate your employees.”

Tore Bobe, who are making a return to the top-flight league after a 17-year hiatus, has encountered considerable difficulties this season.

Currently occupying the 17th position in the league table, Shabana has garnered 17 points from 19 matches and finds themselves in the relegation zone. 

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