Football fans make hilarious guesses while trying to identify FKFPL players [VIDEO]

FKFPL Football fans make hilarious guesses while trying to identify FKFPL players [VIDEO]

Mark Kinyanjui 10:49 - 27.01.2024

We asked KPL fans to identify 4 players from the clubs they support for a chance to win 1000 Ksh and their answers will leave you in stitches.

If you are really having a gloomy day, then there is a Pulse Sports video that will surely cheer you up and leave you in stitches.

We occasionally test Kenyan football fans’ knowledge of FKFPL players, clubs, and teams, and in our latest video, a few fans were challenged to recognise five Kenyan footballers who currently ply their trade in the league’s top flight.

The challenge always comes with an offer. If a contestant gets everything right, he walks away with 1000 shillings or nothing.

However, in our latest video, four fans were asked to identify five players but there was a more lenient condition. Every right answer would win them 100 shillings each.

Below is a recap of the video’s highlights, as well as the video itself that will surely leave you bursting out laughing . (You can also check out the other videos embedded and hit the subscribe button on our Youtube Channel so you never miss any other videos.

The first player to be identified was Harambee Stars and  Gor Mahia sensation Rooney Onyango.

“He looks like his name is Omondi,” One fan stated

“Maybe there is an Odhiambo attached to one of his names,” another said.

A third contestand went as far as to confuse him with AFC Leopards vice captain Clifton Miheso.

Eventually, all three participants were given hints as to who Onyango was, with the hint being he scored during Harambee Stars’ 5-0 win over Seychelles last November.

“I only remember Olunga (Michael). I honestly do not know him," he said.

The second contestant noted that he actually knew him, but forgot his name. It was the third contestant who gave a response that would surely have left viewers in stitches.

 “ I really know him. His name is…what does his name start with?”  

He was given a hint that Onyango’s name starts with the letter ‘R’ and it was at that point he cluelessly replied, “Ramogi!”

The participants were then asked to identify Miheso, and none of them were able to get it right, with one only getting as close as saying he only recognized goalkeeper Levis Opiyo.

“The only AFC player I know is the keeper, Opiyo. I really don’t recognize this guy!”

The participants also tried identifying Tusker’s Erick Kapaito, and it was at that point that the contestant who thought Onyango’s first name was Ramogi claimed: “Miheso!!”

It was at that point that the contestor who had gotten it hilariously wrong on Onyango scratched his head saying, “ I wish you were asking me to recognize EPL players!”

The other gave up whilst shaking his head  saying : “ I don’t see myself winning any of your money!”