Adagala announces Azam TV's approval to host live matches at Muhoroni Stadium


FOOTBALL Adagala announces Azam TV's approval to host live matches at Muhoroni Stadium

Festus Chuma 13:47 - 26.09.2023

Azam TV approves Muhoroni Stadium for live broadcasts, spotlighting a venue rich in history and football prowess.

Muhoroni, a town entwined deeply in Kenya's political history, is set to regain attention, but this time in the world of sports. 

The historically significant Got Alila, the very hill where the body of the late former Foreign Affairs Minister Robert Ouko was discovered in 1990, has long been a symbol of traumatic memories for many Kenyans. 

This site has not only been a place that sends chills down one's spine due to its dark past but has also held an eerie influence in the football arena.

Adjacent to these haunting hills, the Muhoroni Stadium, the home ground for Muhoroni Youth, has developed a reputation of its own. 

It is not just the daunting view of Got Alila that troubles visiting teams, but the inexplicable challenges they face in securing a win against the home side.

Last season, top-tier teams such as Gor Mahia, Tusker FC, and AFC Leopards failed to secure a victory in this venue. 

The grounds of Muhoroni even witnessed Tusker FC's title hopes shatter, marking it as a venue of surprises and nail-biting finishes.

In a significant development, Muhoroni Youth chairman Moses Adagala recently announced a collaboration that promises to change the narrative surrounding the area. 

Azam Media, the Tanzania-based broadcaster, after recently procuring a seven-year FKF Premier League broadcast rights deal, has approved Muhoroni Stadium for hosting live matches.

“I want to thank God and Azam TV for approving Muhoroni Stadium for hosting live matches. I also want to thank the Muhoroni Youth family led by the CEO for the good work they've done to uplift the face of the stadium. God's time is the best,” Adagala passionately stated.

This commendable seven-year deal, which stands at an initial value of $9.1 million, will have its price augmented by $100,000 each forthcoming season, showcasing the faith and investment in Kenya's football future.

The partnership with Azam TV not only brings hope and excitement to the ardent football followers of the region but is also expected to be a significant boost to the local economy. 

With more eyes on Muhoroni and its historic stadium, there is anticipation for increased tourism, business opportunities, and regional development.

While the football world waits with bated breath for Azam's league match broadcast schedule, many fans, both old and new, are eager to get a glimpse of the Muhoroni Stadium.