Zablon Ekwam sets 400m Kenyan meet record at Kip Keino classic to qualify for Olympic games

Zablon Ekwam sets 400m Kenyan meet record at Kip Keino classic to qualify for Olympic games

Mark Kinyanjui 17:00 - 20.04.2024

Ekwam has run an Olympic qualifying time, running sub-45 seconds and setting a new personal best in the process.

Kenyan sprinter Zablon Ekwam has set a new personal best record of 44.69 despite coming fourth in the 400m race of the sixth edition of the Absa Kip Keino Classic that is taking place at the Nyayo National Stadium.

Ekwam finished fourth, finishing behind Bayapo Ndori of Botswana, who won the race at a time of 44.1 seconds, Bryce Deadmon of the USA, who finished in 44.41 seconds, and Scotch Leungo, another Botswana national, in 44.54 seconds. 

The other Kenyan on the list, Kennedy Muthoki, finished on 46.93 seconds.

Ekwam, 26, who made his debut at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary last August, is on a quest to begin his journey to stardom.

Ekwam credited the specialized training camps for sprinters as pivotal in honing his skills and techniques. 

"The camps for sprinters have really helped in sharpening our skills and techniques," he says. This focused training environment proved fruitful for Ekwam and his teammates, resulting in the breaking of the Africa 4x400m indoor record.

As Ekwam and his team prepare for the upcoming challenges, the upcoming World Athletics relays in Miramas, Bahamas stands out as a crucial phase following his performance at the meet.

"As we head for the Bahamas, Miramas camp will be a big help in training," Ekwam remarks, highlighting the significance of this training opportunity.

Additionally, the Penn relays are anticipated to provide the team with valuable exposure and experience, further enhancing their preparation for the Olympic competition.

Ekwam expressed his confidence in the team's strength and unity, particularly with the qualification of another talented athlete, Were.

"I am happy that Were has also qualified; it means the 4X400m team is in good hands," he affirms.