Kenyan & US fans unimpressed with Nike kits for athletes ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

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Kenyan & US fans unimpressed with Nike kits for athletes ahead of Paris 2024 Olympics

Abigael Wafula 09:54 - 12.04.2024

Kenyan and US fans are unsatisfied with the kits Nike unveiled ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

Nike unveiled Team Kenya’s first kit ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and the design has elicited mixed reactions from fans worldwide.

Some think there is nothing wrong with the kits while others believe Nike would have done better when it comes to kitting the athletes ahead of the global bonanza scheduled for later this year.

Commenting on X (Twitter), under the photo, one user said: “It feels very different. That women's kit could've been Switzerland's or China's.

“They don't feel very Kenyan I wish they didn't tamper with the colour shades on the men's kit because the design isn't bad.”

Another user, Cheptoo the athlete, added her comment: “A strong Ni for me. Zero identity safe for the badge that looks like an afterthought. No character.”

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Kiptoo Kemboi added another comment saying: “Looks ugly especially the women all red tops. Anyway, Ugly or not all we want is those Gold medals in all events Kenya will be represented.”

Mugure Kariuki also noted: “The design is good but the colour no, too much red!” Another one added a comment saying: “Aren't these the shorts Nike women athletes wore during the 2022 season? they haven't even tried. My wish one day is that they'll incorporate green and white back into our kits.”

Calvin Jabedo said: “Huge miss! They are making the horrible honeycomb kit look glamorous.” James Wokabi also weighed in, saying: “Epic fail especially the men. The women's is too red while the green on the men's makes me think whoever designed this either has never seen ours or is colour blind.”

“All they had to do was look at our flag for inspiration. Ugliest kit I have ever seen!” another X user said.

Concerning the USA kits, one X user, Jonathan Levitt commented asking: “This is for swimming events, right?” Another user asked: “Unique men’s, but isn’t the women’s kit virtually identical to the GB kit been used for years?”

Another user added a comment saying: “Aside from the fact that they seemed obsessed with blending so it looks like the US colours are red, white, purple, and blue, this is just a disastrous women's uniform for competition.”

Coach Caeser Morales added: “Everyone can relax…this is the same stuff the women have been wearing. It’s just the mannequin that makes it look bad. However, I think the overall USA designs are ugly. They need to do better with the colour schemes and fonts.”