American sprint icon explains how Kendall Williams' 100m world lead will impact Noah Lyles

American sprint icon explains how Kendall Williams' 100m world lead will impact Noah Lyles

Mark Kinyanjui 18:30 - 23.05.2024

Williams, Noah Lyles' teammate, set a world leading time of 9.93 last weekend, something Gatlin believes is bad news for the rest of track and field.

American sprint icon Justin Gatlin has shared his insights on why the recent world-leading time set by Kendall Williams, training partner of Noah Lyles, could spell trouble for the rest of the track and field world.

Williams clocked a remarkable 9.93 seconds in the 100 meters at the PURE Athletics Sprint Elite Meet on Saturday, May 11. This impressive performance saw him finishing ahead of Cejhae Greene, who secured second place with a time of 10.00 seconds, and Eloy Benitez, who set a National Record by finishing third with a time of 10.04 seconds.

Williams' world-leading time ties him with high schooler Christian Miller, who also clocked 9.93 seconds at the PURE Athletics Elite Invitational, showcasing the depth of young talent in the 100 meters.

Noah Lyles, reacting to his training partner's achievement, expressed his joy and support. Commenting under a post about Williams' performance, Lyles wrote: “That’s my friend.”

However, Justin Gatlin believes that Williams' record will serve as a powerful motivator for Lyles as he prepares for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

On his Ready-Set-Go podcast, Gatlin said, “We all know that Noah is a true competitor, so he is giving a lot of respect, praise to Kendall and his world lead, but any time he goes to practice now, he will be focused.”

“He will be laser focused on trying to get better. Iron Sharpens Iron. That is what will push him to that 9.8 if he is not there already, and we are going to see a nice carbon copy coming from both of them as the season progresses,” Gatlin added.

Gatlin highlighted the experience and resilience of Williams, noting his long-standing presence in the sport. “He has been around for a while. He is a seasoned athlete. He came out the same time Trayvon did when they were youth athletes. They were on the 4 by 1 team together and Friday as well,” he said.

Reflecting on Williams' recent success, Gatlin praised his determination and urged him to continue his impressive form. “They all know how to get the job done. I am glad that he has stepped up to the plate and he has dropped a world lead of 9.93. Carry that on. Take it from Clermont, take it around the world, it is your time, get it done.”

As the track and field season progresses, all eyes will be on Noah Lyles and Kendall Williams to see how their performances evolve, especially with the Paris 2024 Olympics on the horizon.

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