Tanzanian side responds to allegations of underage Kenyan defender impregnated by club official

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FOOTBALL Tanzanian side responds to allegations of underage Kenyan defender impregnated by club official

Festus Chuma 06:00 - 19.09.2023
Tanzanian club Fountain Gate Princess addresses allegations surrounding young star Peris Oside's abrupt exit amid pregnancy and misconduct speculations.

The emerging tale of Peris Oside, the former Kenya U21 captain, and her sudden departure from the Tanzania Women’s Premier League team, Fountain Gate Princess, has taken a fresh twist.

The club officially addressed the saga surrounding the young striker's sudden exit, shedding light on a situation that had previously been cloaked in speculation.

Oside, a prodigious talent at just 17, was snapped up by Fountain Gate Princess in June 2022 from the Football Kenya Federation Women’s Premier League side, Nakuru Queens. 

A rising star in African football, Oside’s transfer was not just about her skills on the pitch. It encompassed a two-fold promise: a stint at top-flight football in Tanzania and sponsorship of her education at the esteemed Fountain Gate Academy.

However, barely a year into her two-year contract, murmurs of her premature departure began to emerge. 

The eventual revelation of her pregnancy ignited a firestorm of criticism, with many pointing fingers at the club.

“The management of Fountain Gate Princess wishes to provide clarity on the incident concerning our former player, Peris Oside, a Kenyan citizen,” the statement began, addressing the issue head-on. 

“Peris Oside was signed by Fountain Gate Princess in June 2022 on a two-year contract. The contract was terminated by mutual agreement in May 2023, and all procedures were followed to ensure Oside received her entitlements as stipulated in the contract.”

However, it was not just Oside’s pregnancy that was under the scanner. Alarming allegations emerged hinting at a relationship between the young player and one of the senior officials of Fountain Gate Princess. 

“We approached the individual in question and requested a written response to these allegations. In their reply, the individual firmly denied these accusations,” the club added.

“In light of the allegations, the accused individual has been promptly suspended, pending further investigation,” the statement confirmed.

The club has been in close touch with the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and Tanzania Football Federation (TFF), and the player's family, as they navigate these murky waters. 

Fountain Gate Princess, in their statement, emphasized their stringent stance against any form of harassment.

“We have actively collaborated with various civil organisations to conduct regular seminars for our players and officials, emphasizing our stand against any form of sexual harassment or corruption,” they elaborated.

The club also threw light on the mechanisms it has put in place, highlighting that players have avenues to confidentially raise concerns. 

“However, it remains challenging to predict or control personal behaviors and hidden intentions of individuals. Any wrongdoing, if proven true, is the responsibility of the individual in question and does not reflect the principles and values upheld by our institution,” the club noted.

As the investigation unfolds, Fountain Gate Princess has called for patience and understanding from all stakeholders, assuring them of the club’s dedication to resolving the matter transparently and justly.

“We assure all stakeholders and the public that we will continue to collaborate and provide any necessary information until this matter is resolved,” the club assured.

Fans and football enthusiasts worldwide await further clarity on the matter, hoping justice is served and young talents like Oside are protected against any form of exploitation.