Hussein Mohammed provides diagnosis to perennial cash crunch among Kenyan clubs

© Hussein Mohammed X.

Hussein Mohammed provides diagnosis to perennial cash crunch among Kenyan clubs

Joel Omotto 13:06 - 15.04.2024

FKF presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed has given insights into how Kenyan clubs can avoid the consistent financial challenges currently bedeviling them.

Football Kenya Federation presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed believes the only way to end the financial challenges experienced by Kenyan clubs is by making themselves attractive to sponsors.

Kenyan football has been going through financial challenges for years with clubs unable to pay players on time while some sides have even folded due to an inability to sustain themselves.

Mohammed feels this can be a thing of the past if they adopted new strategies in attracting sponsorship and generating internal revenue streams for commercial success.

“Clubs should package their activities in a commercially viable format so as to attract and give value to sponsors, investors and potential partners,” said Mohammed.

The Extreme Sports CEO also urged clubs to clean their houses to win the trust of sponsors who are always keen to get value for their money.

“Corporate sponsorship is essential in boosting the growth of our sports sector in Kenya. In return, sponsors demand transparency, accountability, and value for their investment,” he added.

“There are no shortcuts. We must fix governance and leadership in sports if we are to attract any significant sponsorships.”

Mohammed was speaking during the 'Super 8 at 20' Kitui tournament sponsored by Extreme Sports and Kenya Ports Authority where Ithumala FC were crowned the champions of the tournament after beating Kitui FC 2-1.

While he has not formally announced his intentions to vie for the FKF top seat, Mohammed has been crisscrossing the country to popularise his bid among football stakeholders although his forays have met some resistance.

Mohammed had been barred from attending the FKF AGM in March after FKF Premier League side Murang’a Seal fronted him to represent the club before a court in Mombasa stopped the meeting.