Hussein Mohammed responds to FKF elections impasse after FIFA's warning

Extreme Sports founder Hussein Mohammed and Murang'a Seal chairman Robert Macharia addressing the media on Wednesday.

Hussein Mohammed responds to FKF elections impasse after FIFA's warning

Joel Omotto 12:24 - 28.03.2024

FKF presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed has commented on the standoff within Kenyan football leadership which has seen the electoral process put on hold.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed has called for a speedy end to the current impasse so that Kenyan football can get back on track.

Brakes were slammed on the electoral process when a court in Mombasa halted the FKF AGM that was to take place on Saturday March 16, throwing the polls into uncertainty.

There had been a standoff leading to the AGM when FKF CEO Barry Otieno barred Mohammed from the meeting, saying he did not qualify to represent Premier League side Murang'a Seal while the Extreme Sports CEO and the club insistent he would attend.

However, the meeting did not take place when journalist Milton Nyakundi filed a case at the High Court in Mombasa challenging the legality of those who called it.

With the polls in limbo and no timelines given on how to move forward, Mohammed has aimed salvos at the Nick Mwendwa-led federation, accusing it of 'sleeping on the job' while urging other stakeholders to move with speed and salvage the game.

"I am deeply concerned about the latest developments in our football sector. As a stakeholder and an official of KPL side Murang’a Seal FC, I am worried that the current impasse shall inevitably regress the game into depths of anarchy we have never witnessed before," Mohammed said through a statement.

"Mediocre, incompetent and authoritarian leadership in football over the last 15 years has led us here. To salvage this situation, an urgent and deliberate effort is required from all stakeholders to ensure free and fair FKF elections are held at the earliest opportunity. It's time to say enough is enough to the mismanagement of our beautiful game."

His statement comes a day after FIFA read the riot act to Kenya, calling for the country to conduct elections soon while warning against interference from third parties.

FIFA warned against solving football problems in the courts, urging those aggrieved to adhere to the world football governing body's and FKF statutes, or risk punishment, including a ban.

With the AGM failing to take place, FKF indicated that an SGM would be called to lay the roadmap for the polls but when that will happen is still unknown.