FKF presidential hopeful Sammy 'Kempes' Owino calls for integrity among delegates amid bribery claims

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FOOTBALL FKF presidential hopeful Sammy 'Kempes' Owino calls for integrity among delegates amid bribery claims

Festus Chuma 13:08 - 16.03.2024

Sammy Owino has urged FKF AGM delegates to resist bribery, prioritize football's future, and ensure a fair election process for leadership.

FKF presidential hopeful Sammy 'Kempes' Owino has issued a rallying call to delegates of the upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM), emphasizing the meeting’s critical role in determining the future of Kenyan football. 

Owino, a former Kenya international, voiced his concerns over the state of the sport in the country and implored the delegates to prioritize the interests of young footballers over personal gain.

 “We are aware of meetings held a day before the AGM (Friday) in a bid to sway the actions and decisions of the delegates in favor of the establishment. I encourage the delegates to resist the intimidation and bribery and do the right thing,” Owino stated as per Nairobi News.

The former international star voiced his alarm over attempts to exclude some stakeholders from the AGM and reported increased intimidation against those perceived as opposition by federation individuals. 

“The manipulation of the list of delegates will lead to a skewed process, thus rendering the whole process a sham,” Owino cautioned, painting a grim picture of the potential fallout from such interference. 

He criticized the FKF leadership for attempting to intimidate and harass perceived opposition, fearing such tactics could muddle the electoral process and result in the election of unsuitable leaders.

As the campaign heats up, Owino, who has been actively engaging with communities in the Coast and Western Kenya, called for a revival of Kenyan football, one that hinges on the integrity and actions of the AGM delegates.

 “The action of the delegates will signal the start of the revival of our football or the continuation of the decay,” he observed, underlining the AGM's significance not just as a procedural event but as a pivotal moment for the sport's future in Kenya.

Owino is not alone in his quest for the top FKF seat. Other notable figures expressing interest in the position include Hussein Mohammed, former FKF boss Sam Nyamweya and Gor Mahia secretary-general Sam Ocholla, setting the stage for a highly contested election scheduled for October 2024.

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