Kenyan opinions split on government-built home for Kelvin Kiptum

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ATHLETICS Kenyan opinions split on government-built home for Kelvin Kiptum

Abigael Wafula 11:02 - 21.02.2024

The house that the government is building for Kelvin Kiptum has elicited mixed reactions from social media users with some arguing that they would have done a better job.

The house that the government is building for fallen marathon hero Kelvin Kiptum has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans on social media.

President William Ruto ordered that a house be constructed for Kiptum’s family before he is laid to rest on Friday, February 23 and the contractor has been in a race against time to make sure the house is delivered within seven days.

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Photos of the unfinished house have been circulating on social media and some Kenyans are not impressed by the shape it’s taking.

With only one day remaining for the house to be completed, Kenyans on social media have aired their views on what they think about the house.

One X (Twitter) user commented on the photo saying: “Everything about Ruto is a scam. They should have procured the services of Koto Housing even though it's associated with the Kenyatta family. Koto would have done a proper house using precast.”

Another user added a comment on the photo asking: “Is this a residential house or a godown?”

“What a strange house for a heavily taxed fallen hero gone too soon!” read a comment from another X user. Dave Ogolla commented on the photo asking: “Do they know people are watching?”

“I've followed this Kelvin Kiptum house closely and honestly I'm lost. I think Kelvin Kiptum deserved a better standard house than this Plywood structure!” commented an angry user.

Christy Jibo added another comment asking: “Is this a house or stage for a performance or probably a scene for a film shoot?”

However, some Kenyans had different opinions, noting that the house was not for Kiptum but for the widow.

In a lengthy post, one user said: “Unfortunately, Kenyans are a nation of complainers who are never satisfied. This house is not being built for Kelvin Kiptum but for his widow and their children.

“It is a large house with a solid steel structure. Many Kenyan widows and their children can only dream of such government help and would be grateful if they had the opportunity to receive such a beautiful house.

“It always gets nicer, bigger, and more bombastic, but why are Kenyans always so dissatisfied? Kelvin Kiptum would probably have driven a Mercedes-Maybach GLS and owned a Learjet 45 at some point later.

“Should Kiptum's widow and the orphans now also receive a Mercedes-Maybach GLS and a Learjet 45 from the Kenyan people? The large and sturdy house is a generous gesture from the Kenyan people and surely the widow will be grateful. You should also wait until the house is finally finished instead of criticizing it when it is still unfinished.”