Relief for Gor Mahia as FIFA lifts player transfer ban

© Image: Gor Mahia Facebook Page

FOOTBALL Relief for Gor Mahia as FIFA lifts player transfer ban

Festus Chuma 18:43 - 01.03.2024

FIFA has lifted the transfer ban on Gor Mahia FC after acknowledging that the club had settled dues owed to Malian goalkeeper Adama Keita.

World football governing body FIFA has officially lifted the transfer ban on record Kenyan champions Gor Mahia FC.

The sanction was initially imposed due to the club's failure to settle dues owed to Malian goalkeeper Adama Keita.

The decision, announced last Wednesday from FIFA's headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, marks the end of a dispute that highlighted the club's contractual breaches.

The controversy began when Adama Keita, who played for Gor Mahia FC in 2021, was initially awarded Ksh4.4 million shillings (approximately USD 37,000) by FIFA's Dispute Resolution Chamber.

However, Gor Mahia's delay in making the final payment, which amounted to Ksh 2.3 million, led to an additional charge of Ksh 2.4 million as mandated by FIFA.

The delay in meeting these financial obligations led to FIFA imposing a transfer ban, significantly affecting the club's ability to register new players.

In a statement released by FIFA, the organization acknowledged the receipt of correspondence indicating that the due amounts had been settled by Gor Mahia FC.

"We refer to the abovementioned matter and acknowledge receipt of the attached correspondence for the parties' perusal.

In this regard, we take note from the mentioned correspondence that the Creditor has received the amounts due by the respondent, the club Gor Mahia FC, in accordance with the decision passed by FIFA," the statement read.

As a result of this settlement, FIFA has decided to close the proceedings against Gor Mahia FC and lift the registration ban.

"As a consequence, we inform you that the present proceedings are closed and hence, the registration ban imposed has been lifted," FIFA's statement clarified.

The lifting of the transfer ban is a significant relief for Gor Mahia FC allowing them to register new players and strengthen their squad during the next transfer window.

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