Mariga pinpoints what has led Kenyan football to decline in quality

FOOTBALL Mariga pinpoints what has led Kenyan football to decline in quality

Abigael Wafula 18:35 - 27.11.2023

McDonald Mariga has urged coaches to shun treating their players like children and embrace the style of coaching from abroad.

UEFA Champions League winner McDonald Mariga has slammed the Kenyan coaching system, explaining that it has contributed to the quality decline in the game.

The former Inter Milan midfielder compared the standard of coaching in Kenya to that of Europe saying that abroad, the players are above the coaches.

He explained that in the European setup, if a player is not in the right mental state to train, he will be given time off until he is ready to return back to training unlike in Kenya where coaches force players to train regardless of their mental state.

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“Our football is slowly losing its meaning…one main reason is that coaches treat players like children. In Europe, I could tell my coach that I’m not fit and ready to train and he would let me go rest.

"But here, the coaches force players to train and if they can’t, they will impose threats on them. If you give a player the chance to rest if they are not mentally stable, they will come back psyched up to train.

"The players should be above the coaches and management. However, right now things are taking shape slowly and coaches are slowly understanding what it takes to bring back the quality of the game,” Mariga said as per SPM Buzz.

The former Real Oviedo defensive midfielder argued that the blame should not only be on the management since the players have also played a big part in lowering the quality of the sport.

He added that there is a lot to learn from social media and the coaches and players should take advantage of that.

“When it comes to learning, you don’t have to go outside of the country since there is YouTube and other social media platforms,” Mariga added.