Wanyama responds to criticism of not helping Kenyans secure clubs abroad

FOOTBALL Wanyama responds to criticism of not helping Kenyans secure clubs abroad

Abigael Wafula 17:31 - 27.11.2023

CF Montreal midfielder has explained how much of an uphill task it is to help Kenyans land deals with top European clubs due to the strict processes.

After a highly successful career abroad, CF Montréal midfielder Victor Wanyama was under the pump to help other Kenyans land lucrative deals and he has explained how much of an uphill task it is.

Having been under criticism, Wanyama has opened up that it is never easy to get as many opportunities for fellow Kenyans. He explained that if it would have been possible, he would have come through for many footballers.

He added that so far, he has helped some footballers land deals and he will not give up on his quest.

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“Of course, I love helping people and I would want us to be many. I have helped some people get opportunities but it is not that easy.

"You can’t decide to help everyone because those clubs also have their scouts…they also have profiles of the people they want.

"It’s very hard to just pick someone and say that you want them to join you because of the rules and the systems that are used there,” Wanyama said as per SPM Buzz.

He also encouraged the young footballers to keep the focus and stay away from bad company.

He explained that they should have the mindset of showing up every day because one day they will be noticed. Wanyama also urged the coaches to encourage youngsters and talk to them.

“You have to work hard and have patience. Don’t give up easily…you have to be strong mentally and give your best every day because it is there where you’ll be noticed.

"I want to urge coaches to also come through and help the youngsters. Advise them to shun away from drug abuse.

"Be their source of encouragement and walk with them…also, motivate them to keep going,” Wanyama said.

The former Southampton midfielder explained that they (with his brother McDonald Mariga) are keen to help youngsters through their academy. He predicted a bright future since there is a lot of talent in the country which they will be keen to tap into.

“There are many academies coming up and things are looking up. We also have an academy and we shall have scouts. We want the youngsters to showcase their talents,” he added.