Kenyan comedian launches fundraiser for mother who named triplets after Arsenal stars

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FOOTBALL Kenyan comedian launches fundraiser for mother who named triplets after Arsenal stars

Festus Chuma 13:24 - 29.02.2024

Kenyan comedian Usefulidioty has launched a fundraiser for a mother who named triplets after Arsenal players, seeking support for their upbringing.

Kenyan comedian Stephen Otieno, alias 'Usefulidioty', has launched a heartfelt appeal to football fans and well-wishers to support a mother who recently welcomed triplets and named them after Arsenal players. 

Ekaale, a resident of Loreng'esinyen village in Letea Ward, Turkana West, and an avid Arsenal supporter, has named her newborns Gabriel Martinelli, Gabriel Jesus, and Gabriel Magalhaes in honor of the famous footballers.

The comedian, who is also a fervent supporter of Arsenal, shared the news on his social media platforms, urging the football community to come together for a noble cause. 

"Good morning, Gooners. I received this fantastic news about a fellow Gooner after being mentioned by many football fans here in Kenya. Being the Arsenal General in Kenya, my team and I reached out, and we've talked to Mama Gabi's.

"I am humbly requesting that all you Gunners and football fans at large congratulate her and the 3 Gabi by sending something for Pampers," Usefulidioty posted.

To facilitate the fundraising, Usefulidioty has provided an M-Pesa number, 0716 303 878, registered under Nasuru Emma Ekuwam, where well-wishers can send their contributions. 

The initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on Ekaale, who is struggling to provide for her family through her meager earnings from selling charcoal.

In an emotional interview with a local publication, Ekaale revealed her mixed feelings of joy and apprehension upon receiving the triple blessing. 

She highlighted the challenges of raising three infants on a limited income, especially with her husband being a differently-abled peasant livestock herder. 

Ekaale's story has touched many hearts, prompting calls for support from the community to help her navigate the daunting journey of motherhood.

Usefulidioty, a multi-talented figure in Kenya's entertainment scene, is known for his work as an actor, comedian, emcee, commercial influencer, and dancer. 

He has previously collaborated with famous Kenyan actor Crazy Kennar, contributing to the popular "Tales of Crazy Kennar."

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