Everything you need to know about new FIFA Series friendlies

FOOTBALL Everything you need to know about new FIFA Series friendlies

Festus Chuma 10:32 - 29.02.2024

FIFA has launched FIFA Series friendlies providing global teams with regular cross-continental matchups and commercial opportunities.

FIFA has revealed plans for an exhilarating series of inter-confederation friendlies set to kick off this March. 

The inaugural FIFA Series aims to revolutionize international football by providing member associations with unprecedented opportunities for technical development and global exposure.

According to FIFA's official statement, the pilot phase of the FIFA Series will take place during the men's international calendar window in March.

 Four national teams from diverse confederations will converge in a single host country to compete in friendly matches, marking a significant step forward for global football diplomacy.

"The initiative will provide member associations with a more regular opportunity to face national teams from other continents, which will serve to unlock technical development opportunities previously unavailable to many of them," stated FIFA.

The pilot project matches are scheduled to be hosted by Algeria, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka. 

FIFA envisions facilitating the series during every March match window of even years, ensuring a consistent platform for international football exchange.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino expressed enthusiasm for the FIFA Series, hailing it as a positive step forward for national-team football on a global scale. 

"Our member associations have been telling us for a long time now of their desire to test themselves against their counterparts from all around the world, and now they can do so within the current men's international match calendar," Infantino remarked.

In addition to enhancing technical skills and fostering international cooperation, the FIFA Series will provide participating member associations with newfound commercial opportunities and increased exposure on the global stage.

While the fixture list is yet to be finalized, exciting matchups are already on the horizon. 

Vanuatu, ranked 170th in the FIFA rankings, is set to compete in a series in Saudi Arabia alongside Bermuda (171st, Concacaf), Brunei Darussalam (194th, AFC), and Guinea (76th, CAF).

Similarly, Papua New Guinea, ranked 165th, will take part in a series hosted by Sri Lanka (204th, AFC), facing off against Bhutan (184th, AFC) and Central African Republic (129th, CAF).

The pilot project of the FIFA Series is scheduled to run from March 18th to 26th, 2024, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the future of international football. 

This edition will feature national teams from all six confederations, with plans for future installments during every March international match window of even years.

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