Quincy Wilson: American youngster reacts after setting Under-18 world 400m record

Quincy Wilson smashed the U18 again at 16.

Quincy Wilson: American youngster reacts after setting Under-18 world 400m record

Festus Chuma 13:30 - 22.06.2024

Quincy Wilson has set a new under-18 world record in the 400 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials.

American youngster Quincy Wilson has just redefined excellence in track and field by setting a new under-18 world record in the 400-meter dash.

At just 16 years old, the high school athlete from Potomac, Maryland, is reshaping the boundaries of junior athletics with his phenomenal performance.

Competing at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials, Wilson stopped the clock at an astounding 44.66 seconds, surpassing the previous record of 44.84 seconds set by Justin Robinson in 2019.

“I’ve been looking at it all season,” Wilson expressed after his race as per NBC Sports.

The young athlete’s confidence and focus were evident as he discussed his approach to racing against more seasoned competitors.

“I’m racing against bigger people that got brands and things like that. But, to me, everybody puts their spikes on the same way as I do," he said.

Wilson's journey to this record-breaking moment has been nothing short of spectacular.

A student at Bullis High School, he has been a standout on the track for several years, consistently improving and pushing his limits.

Just last week, he clinched the 400 meters at the New Balance Nationals in Philadelphia with a time of 45.13 seconds, signaling his readiness to challenge the world record.

"It’s a different game. I’m not in high school anymore," Wilson commented.

His maturity and understanding of the sport's demands are unusual for someone his age and highlight his commitment to excellence.

Wilson's record-setting performance at the trials is the latest peak in an already impressive year.

Earlier in the season, he broke the indoor 400m junior world record with a time of 45.76 seconds at the New Balance Indoor Nationals in Boston.

This time would have placed him fourth at the 2024 World Athletics Indoor Championships at the senior level.

Looking ahead, Wilson is scheduled to compete in the semifinals of the men's 400 meters at Hayward Field.

With his eyes set on not just national but global dominance the young athlete is reshaping what the future of track looks like.

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