London Marathon: Alexander Mutiso leads Kenyan charge against Ethiopian rivals in tribute to Kelvin Kiptum

London Marathon: Alexander Mutiso leads Kenyan charge against Ethiopian rivals in tribute to Kelvin Kiptum

Festus Chuma 11:00 - 16.04.2024

Elite runners aim to honor Kelvin Kiptum's legacy in a fiercely competitive 2024 London Marathon with a record-breaking field.

One of the most underrated Kenyan runners is Alexander Mutiso is set to headline an incredibly strong field at the 2024 London Marathon as elite runners converge with hopes of claiming the title previously held by the late Kelvin Kiptum. 

This year’s race promises to be a thrilling contest with some of the fastest marathoners in history lining up at the starting line on Sunday, April 21, 2024.

Among the distinguished athletes is the reigning 2024 New York City Marathon champion, Tamirat Tola from Ethiopia, who holds a personal best of 2:03:39. 

Joining him is Mosinet Geremew, also from Ethiopia, who boasts a staggering personal best of 2:02:55, making him the seventh-fastest man ever in marathon history.

Mutiso, who was runner-up at the 2023 Valencia Marathon with a time of 2:03:11, also aims to make a significant impact.

The event will also witness the return of multiple world champion and track legend Kenenisa Bekele. Bekele, who is the third-fastest marathoner ever with a personal best of 2:01:41.

The British contingent will be represented by Emile Cairess, the third-fastest Briton who made a remarkable debut last year. 

Alongside him, Callum Hawkins, who finished fourth at the World Championships, will compete, as well as Marc Scott and Mahamed Mahamed, both of whom are set to make their marathon debuts.

As the runners prepare, Kamworor looks to improve on his second-place finish from the previous year and aims for the top spot. 

Meanwhile, Bekele seeks not only to showcase his legendary status but also to prepare for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

After a change in management, Bekele is especially motivated to demonstrate his prowess following a challenging race at last year’s Valencia Marathon.

The course, stretching 42km from Greenwich Park to The Mall, will guide runners past iconic London landmarks such as Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, setting a picturesque backdrop for what is expected to be a fiercely competitive race.

This marathon is particularly poignant as it comes after the stunning performance by Kelvin Kiptum, who set the current course record of 2:01:25 at last year’s race. 

His untimely passing has left a legacy that the participants aspire to honor by pushing the limits of endurance and speed.

With such a loaded field, the 2024 London Marathon is not just about winning; it is about etching names into the annals of marathon history. 

The athletes are set to provide a riveting display of endurance, speed, and strategy, each hoping to step into Kiptum’s shoes and carve out their own legacy on the storied streets of London.

Elite men

Kenenisa Bekele (ETH, 2:01:41) 

Mosinet Geremew (ETH, 2:02:55) 

Alexander Mutiso (KEN, 2:03:11) 

Tamirat Tola (ETH, 2:03:39) 

Dawit Wolde (ETH, 2:03:48) 

Kinde Atanaw (ETH, 2:03:51) 

Leul Gebresilase (ETH, 2:04:02) 

Geoffrey Kamworor (KEN, 2:04:23) 

Seifu Tura (ETH, 2:04:29) 

Daniel Do Nascimento (BRA, 2:04:51) 

Addisu Gobena (ETH, 2:05:01) 

Milkesa Mengesha (ETH, 2:05:29) 

Henok Tesfay (ERI, 2:07:12) 

Emile Cairess (GBR, 2:08:07) 

Callum Hawkins (GBR, 2:08:14) 

Hassan Chadi (FRA, 2:08:19) 

Mahamed Mahamed (GBR, 2:08:40) 

Brian Shrader (USA, 2:09:46) 

Weynay Ghebresilasie (GBR, 2:09:50) 

Andrew Heyes (GBR, 2:13:52) 

Alexander Lepretre (GBR, 2:15:01) 

Hiko Tonosa (IRL, 2:15:01) 

Norman Shreeve (GBR, 2:16:17) 

Alex Milne (GBR, 2:16:30) 

William Mycroft (GBR, 2:17:02) 

David Bishop (GBR, 2:17:06) 

Adam Bowden (GBR, 2:17:18) 

Kieran Walker (GBR, 2:17:30) 

Alexander Lawrence (GBR, 2:17:41) 

Daniel Hamilton (GBR, 2:17:59) 

Dominic Jones (GBR, 2:18:15) 

Fraser Stewart (GBR, 2:18:34) 

Tom Frith (GBR, 2:18:35) 

James Hoad (GBR, 2:18:38) 

Ryan Thomson (GBR, 2:18:46) 

Martin Hoare (IRL, 2:18:57) 

Charlie Sandison (GBR, 2:19:22) 

Paulos Surafel (GBR, No Time) 

Daniel Mateiko (KEN, No Time) 

Jacob Allen (GBR, Debut) 

Kieran Clements (GBR, Debut) 

Marc Scott (GBR, Debut) 

Sean Tobin (IRL, Debut)