How Kabras Sugar's Ashihundu managed to overcome three surgeries following horrific leg break

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RUGBY How Kabras Sugar's Ashihundu managed to overcome three surgeries following horrific leg break

Mark Kinyanjui 21:47 - 14.02.2024

Ashihundu is currently the reigning top try scorer in the 2023/2024 Kenya Cup season after missing the whole of last season through a horrific leg break.

Kabras Sugar’s Derrick Ashihundu has been taking the 2023/2024 Kenya Cup season by storm having missed the entirety of the 2022/23 Kenya Cup through injury.

The fleet-footed powerful winger sustained the injury while playing for Kabras Sugar during the National Sevens' Circuit final leg in Kakamega.

Ashihundu was a standout performer for the sugar millers that year as they won both the Kenya and Enterprise Cup titles.

So for him to sustain that injury was hard to take, especially as he also could not help Kenya Simbas qualify for the 2023 Rugby World Cup at the Dubai Repecharge.

One may assume he had never been out injured for such a long time given the way he has been doing, but he has finally opened up, claiming things were not easy during his time out.

“I had been away for over a year. The last match I had played prior to this season was in the 2022 finals against the Oilers in Kakamega,” Ashihundu said.

“I had to work hard in rehab and physio following the physio’s recommendation and I was very confident I would return to the level I was before injury or even higher.”

Ashihundu is greatful for the patience the staff at Kabras showed in him, and the investment they put into his recovery to help him make a complete recovery.

“With the kind of structure and training at Kabras, it is about playing my role and everything else falling into place.

“But I am grateful for our support system from my team. They have never neglected me. There was also the support from friends and family, and my motivation to return also pushed me forward.

Ashihundu has revealed it was not easy to restore his confidence after suffering such a nasty injury, especially considering he had to go through three different surgeries to correct the problem/“Injury is more mental than physical. Overcoming the physical aspect is easier but mentally, having to trust that your recovered part will not let you down is not easy.

“I had to undergo three surgeries. Recovering and relapsing was difficult to take, but prayers also helped me. I am grateful to God and the people involved in helping me return.

“I felt that doubt with sevens because I returned to full fitness during the circuit. It has been getting better gradually after the game.

“The more you train and play, the better it gets. I am completely over it and and focused on each game as it comes.”

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As Ashihundu continues to shine on the field, his resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to athletes facing similar challenges. 

The Kabras Sugar winger is not only making a significant impact in the ongoing Kenya Cup season but also proving that with dedication and support, one can overcome adversity and return to peak performance.