‘You will never speak to me like that again!’ -  Samir Nasri once threatened to ‘f**k up’ Roberto Mancini following training ground bust-up

FOOTBALL ‘You will never speak to me like that again!’ -  Samir Nasri once threatened to ‘f**k up’ Roberto Mancini following training ground bust-up

Mark Kinyanjui 21:00 - 16.11.2023

Samir Nasri once threatened to ‘f**k up’ Roberto Mancini days before Man City smashed Man United 6-1 following training ground burst-up

Former Arsenal and Manchester City bad boy Samir Nasri once threatened to fight Roberto Mancini and insulted assistant David Platt during a City training session, Joleon Lescott has recalled. 

The Frenchman had a reputation for being a dressing room firebrand, with former team-mates often recalling examples of his temper flaring. 

Speaking to That Peter Crouch Podcast, Lescott revealed one fracas in the build-up to the October 2011 derby, in which City beat Manchester United 6-1 at Old Trafford, when Nasri was unhappy with how he had been treated in training. 

“He [Mancini] used to do the prep in the middle of the pitch and he's telling players what he wants," Lescott said.

“He's telling Samir Nasri to do what he wants him to do, but David Platt is on the side, and he's telling him to do something different, so he's half-listening to both and doing different things. 

“ And then the manager lost his head and said: ‘Samir, you're not doing it, go in.’  Samir's gone in with no retaliation, so I'm thinking, that's not like Samir, Samir has got something in him to retaliate a little bit.”

Lescott remembers being on a balcony above the team gym and eavesdropping on the fury that followed, with Nasri calling for a fight outside. 

“I heard Samir come in. He's gone: ‘You [Mancini], outside. F*****g outside now! You will never speak to me like that again. I'm not Mario Balotelli. Get outside. 

“So Mancini is saying ‘come into my office’ and he's like ‘no, I'm not coming into your office, get outside now!’ He's calling him outside to have a fight with him. I'm just peeping! I could see from afar what was going on, me and one of the young goalies up there. 

“He is saying ‘come outside, I'm gonna f**k you up, come outside, you will not speak to me like that again’. 

The manager has come in saying "calm down." And then Platty has come and said ‘Samir, calm down’. 

“He [Nasri] went: "’shut up, you're just here to suck his d**k!’”

Lescott confirmed that Nasri's offer of a fight was not duly accepted, and that while he wouldn't speak to a manager that way, he respected Nasri's straight talking with everybody. 

The Marseille academy graduate was only on the bench for the derby, but he still played a pivotal role that season as City sealed their first Premier League title. 

He spent five full seasons with the club after joining from Arsenal in 2011, winning two Premier League titles and a League Cup under Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini. 

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