Why Egypt's national team values Mohamed Salah more than just a player

Why Egypt's national team values Mohamed Salah more than just a player

Festus Chuma 19:06 - 16.06.2024

Egypt's technical staff considers Mohamed Salah as one of their own due to his experience and influence on the team.

Africa's football scene often echoes with stories of players who transcend their on-field roles to become more integral parts of their teams.

Egypt's national team captain Mohamed Salah is such a player and the Pharaohs' technical staff now regards him as one of their own

In recent matches of the World Cup qualifiers, Salah's role extended beyond scoring crucial goals.

The Liverpool winger showcased leadership that aligns with the responsibilities typically held by team management.

This was particularly evident during Egypt's matches against Burkina Faso and Guinea Bissau, which were also the first under the new technical staff led by coach Hossam Hassan and his twin, Ibrahim Hassan.

Despite the challenges on the field, Salah's contributions were not limited to his performance during the games.

Ibrahim Hassan, team director and former Egypt star, shared insights on MBC Masr TV channel about Salah's involvement.

“Salah picked a strong knock and Hossam was thinking of doing a substitution at the same time, and so he asked the player firstly if he wants to go out but he said he is ok,” Ibrahim explained.

Rumors had swirled on social media about Salah refusing to be substituted, but Ibrahim was quick to dispel these as baseless.

“I am astonished why these rumors and false news come out, like what happened in Salah’s incident. When there is something negative, I will be the first one to unveil it," he clarified.

Salah's standing within the team was further elaborated by Ibrahim, who expressed deep respect for the winger's qualities.

“The morale of all players is excellent and Salah’s mentality is wonderful. He is a respectable person and we consider him as one of the staff members because of his vision, experience, and close knowledge of the current group of players,” he said.

Currently, Egypt tops Group A with 10 points, four points ahead of second-placed Guinea Bissau.

The Pharaohs are set to continue their quest for a World Cup berth in March with the influence of Salah likely remaining a pivotal factor in their campaign.

Salah's integration into the technical aspect of the team is a rare accolade for a player, signifying his unmatched role in modern football, not just as a player but as a leader and quasi-coach on the field.

This blend of skill, experience, and leadership ensures that Salah's legacy will resonate far beyond his goal-scoring feats.

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