Robert Matano among list of longest serving coaches in FKF Premier League

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FOOTBALL Robert Matano among list of longest serving coaches in FKF Premier League

Festus Chuma 08:04 - 25.01.2024

In the volatile FKF Premier League, discover tales of enduring coaches shaping success, and loyalty prevailing over quick turnovers.

When it comes to football management, the coaching carousel often spins rapidly, with clubs making changes at the slightest dip in performance. 

However, amidst the constant turnover in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League (FKFPL), there are a few seasoned mentors who have weathered the storm, proving that loyalty and stability can lead to success on the pitch.

Pulse Sports delves into the stories of the four longest-serving coaches in the FKF Premier League, celebrating their endurance, achievements, and the impact they have had on their respective clubs.

William Muluya - Kariobangi Sharks (June 2016 to present)

William Muluya

When Kariobangi Sharks found themselves grappling with a coaching void in the second tier of Kenyan football, the decision to appoint William Muluya in June 2016 raised eyebrows.

His coaching experience, primarily with the Mathare United U20 team, seemed insufficient for the top tier. However, Muluya swiftly transformed skepticism into admiration by leading the team to the Premier League in the same year, marking a historic ascent for the club.

Muluya's gamble continued to pay dividends as he secured the FKF Shield in 2018, the KPL Super Cup in the same year, and triumphs in the Sportpesa Super Cup in 2019. 

His knack for nurturing young talent and willingness to give untested players opportunities has contributed to the club's success and stability. 

Six years on, Muluya remains at the helm, a symbol of longevity and success in a league known for its managerial carousel.

Anthony Akhulia - Bidco United (June 2017–Present)

Anthony Akhulia's journey with Bidco United spans over 15 years, evolving from a player to a multifaceted role that includes kit manager, assistant team manager, fitness trainer, team manager, and eventually the head coach.

Anthony Akhulia

Akhulia's ascent to the coaching role came in 2017, a transition that has proven to be a story of growth and commitment.

Under his guidance, Bidco United earned promotion to the FKF Premier League in 2020, finishing a respectable 11th in their top-flight debut season and securing third place in the FKF Cup. 

Akhulia, still in the early stages of his coaching career, continues to learn and grow. 

If the club maintains its trust in him, he seems poised for a lengthy and impactful stay in Thika.

Robert Matano - Tusker (April 2018–Present)

In April 2018, Robert Matano returned to Tusker, the club where he had previously tasted success by winning the 2012 league title. 

His reappointment followed the dismissal of Ugandan Sam Timbe after a string of poor results. 

Robert Matano

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Matano's return to Tusker was marked by a familiar narrative, having been previously let go by AFC Leopards, a club that seemed to part ways with him whenever the opportunity arose.

Despite the challenges posed by Gor Mahia's dominance, Matano led Tusker to league titles in 2021 and 2022 (though the latter was nullified by FKF). 

His ability to turn fortunes around and his team's current positive run underscore Matano's resilience and strategic prowess. 

A proven winner, the Lion, as he is aptly known, remains a constant in the ever-evolving world of Kenyan football management.

Ken Kenyatta - FC Talanta (December 2019-Present)

Handed the reins of FC Talanta in December 2019, Ken Kenyatta's reputation for achieving results against all odds preceded him. 

Following the departure of Juma Abdalla, Kenyatta, who had previously managed Ushuru FC, faced the challenge of guiding Talanta through the tough competition in the FKF Premier League.

Ken Kenyatta

In 2021, he led Talanta to the top tier and ensured a 12th-place finish, marking a successful campaign. 

The subsequent season brought financial challenges that threatened the club's stability, raising concerns about possible relegation. 

However, the ongoing season has seen a resurgence, with Talanta comfortably securing a mid-table position. 

Ken Kenyatta's strategic acumen and ability to navigate adversity have solidified his position as a key figure in FC Talanta's journey.