Mohamed Dewji reclaims chairmanship at Simba amid Tanzania Premier League giants struggles

Mohamed Dewji reclaims chairmanship at Simba amid Tanzania Premier League giants struggles

Festus Chuma 12:26 - 12.06.2024

Mohamed Dewji returns as Simba SC chairman to revive the club after three years of underperformance in competitions.

Businessman Mohamed Dewji has resumed his role as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Simba SC, the Tanzanian Premier League heavyweights announced on Tuesday night.

Dewji's return follows the abrupt resignation of Salim 'Try Again' Abdallah, who stepped down earlier in the evening.

In a fervent statement, Dewji expressed his dedication to revitalizing the club, which has experienced a disappointing performance in various competitions over the past three years.

"I am returning with new energy and enthusiasm until Simba returns to its normal state," Dewji declared, signaling a strong commitment to steering the club back to its former glory.

"I am guided more by Simba’s fandom, not investment, neither funding nor sponsorship... I will not leave Simba today or tomorrow."

His statement underscores his profound connection to the club and its supporters, rather than financial incentives.

Dewji also confirmed that he has invited Abdallah to continue serving on the board, an offer that Abdallah has accepted.

Further announcements are expected as Dewji plans to unveil additional board members who will assist in the club's restructuring efforts.

Simba SC has a storied history in African football, having reached the quarter-finals of the CAF Champions League twice during Dewji's previous tenure, which ended in 2021.

The club was also ranked among the top 10 clubs in Africa during that period, highlighting its potential under effective leadership.

Fans and stakeholders of Simba SC are hopeful that Dewji's return will herald a new era of success and stability.

His leadership is seen as pivotal in navigating the club through its current challenges and restoring its reputation as a powerhouse in African football.

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