Mathare United Women FC handed life ban for disparaging 'End Femicide' protesters

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FOOTBALL Mathare United Women FC handed life ban for disparaging 'End Femicide' protesters

Festus Chuma 16:34 - 27.01.2024

Mathare United Women FC fan was permanently banned for making violent, anti-women remarks during the 'End Femicide' campaign in Nairobi.

A Mathare United Women FC fan has been handed a permanent ban from attending the club's matches and participating in any team-related activities following his controversial statements against the ongoing 'End Femicide' campaign.

The Nairobi-based club took this stringent measure after a video surfaced online showing the fan, identified only as Ronaldo, making derogatory and threatening remarks towards women. 

The incident reportedly occurred at Jevanjee Gardens in Nairobi, where Ronaldo and another unidentified man were captured on video arguing with a group of protesters.

The men were seen contesting the 'End Femicide' movement, which has gained significant traction both online and offline, advocating for the protection of women against gender-based violence.

Ronaldo, in a particularly aggressive tone, was heard claiming that "men have suffered" and therefore, women must "face the consequences" of their perceived actions.

This alarming statement was further intensified when one of the men was heard saying, "We are going to slash!" The video has since sparked outrage and condemnation from various quarters, including women's rights activists and the general public.

"After video footage emerged yesterday of one of our fans, Ronaldo, insulting and giving irresponsible remarks that promote violence against women, we have decided as a team to permanently ban him from attending our matches, coming to our premises, or associating with our team in any manner," the club stated in a stern declaration.

The 'End Femicide' campaign has gained momentum across the country following a series of brutal murders of women by men known to them. The movement seeks to address and combat the rising trend of violence against women in Kenya.

In a show of solidarity, thousands of men and women took to the streets of Nairobi early Saturday morning, demanding an end to femicide and calling for stricter measures to protect women.

Mathare United Women FC's decision to ban Ronaldo comes as the team, currently holding the fourth position in the standings, prepares for their upcoming match against MTG on February 3 at the MYSA Grounds in Komarock.

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