Legendary former Manchester United captain Roy Keane gets heartbroken by loss of 'beautiful' best friend

Legendary former Manchester United captain Roy Keane gets heartbroken by loss of 'beautiful' best friend

Mark Kinyanjui 19:45 - 20.05.2024

Roy Keane heartbroken by loss of creature he held dear to his heart.

Roy Keane, the former Manchester United captain and well-known dog lover, recently shared some heartbreaking news with his followers.

 Keane confirmed that his beloved dog Jet, a German Shepherd, has passed away. Expressing his sorrow on Instagram, Keane posted several photos of Jet accompanied by a heartfelt message: "Thanks Jet for being so beautiful and loyal to our family. We will miss you."

The touching tribute drew sympathetic responses from Keane's former United colleagues. David Beckham, the ex-England captain, commented: “The last picture is amazing… Sorry for your loss Roy,” while Gary Neville responded with a heart emoji. Arsenal legend Ian Wright also showed his support, replying with a crying emoji.

Earlier this month, Keane had expressed concerns about Jet’s health during an episode of The Overlap. 

He spoke about the routine and care that comes with owning dogs: "You have a routine and you have to look after them. Walk them. I went out this morning before I came here. You have a routine with your dogs. I've always had dogs, going back when I was growing up in Ireland we always had dogs in the house."

Keane also highlighted the emotional bond and security that dogs provide: "It gives you good security.

 It's good for a bit of exercise. Love them to bits. I've got two dogs. But mine are getting a bit old now and a bit frail and that's always the worry that something will happen to them."

Jet's passing is not the first time Keane has faced the loss of a cherished pet. In 2012, his Labrador Retriever, Triggs, passed away due to a tumor. Reflecting on Triggs' death, 

Keane said: "You can say that again. She was about 13 and unless you’ve had a dog you will never understand.

“She was a great dog and went through a lot with me, ups and downs. You will have me crying in a minute so be careful. But she had a good life. She had a good innings, as they say."

Keane's tributes to his loyal companions reveal a softer side to the famously tough footballer, showcasing the deep affection and bond he shares with his pets.