Kakamega Homeboyz aims to outshine Al Hilal Benghazi in CAF Confederation Cup clash

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FOOTBALL Kakamega Homeboyz aims to outshine Al Hilal Benghazi in CAF Confederation Cup clash

Festus Chuma 08:00 - 27.08.2023

Patrick Odhimabo's charges are taking on the Libyan side, seeking either a victory or a scoring draw to advance to the second round of the competition.

Kakamega Homeboyz will lock horns with Al Hilal Benghazi in the 2023/2024 CAF Confederation Cup preliminary round first-leg tie on Saturday.

The stage is set at the Martyrs of February Stadium in Libya for what promises to be an electrifying encounter on Saturday, with kick-off scheduled for 21h00 EAT.

With both teams hungry for victory, the echoes of their ambitions will reverberate across the 10,550-seater arena.

Homeboyz, coming off a goalless draw in the first-leg match played in Nairobi, stand at the crossroads of progress. 

Armed with the knowledge that a win of any kind or even a scoring draw will catapult them to the next round, the Kenyan squad is ready to rise to the occasion. 

The aggregate winner will secure a date with destiny against Rayon Sport of Rwanda in the impending round.

Should the heavens of competition withhold goals and a 0-0 deadlock persists, the winner shall be unveiled through the nail-biting drama of post-match penalties.

The narrative is etched with the brilliance of goalkeeper Farouk Shikhalo, whose remarkable saves in the previous match kept Homeboyz afloat. 

The Harambee Stars goalkeeper’s resilience will be tested once again in the fierce battleground of Benghazi, where the hosts, Al Hilal  are anticipated to unleash an all-out assault. 

The match could very well hinge on Shikhalo's steadiness between the posts and his ability to thwart the onslaught of Al Hilal's offensive prowess.

But all eyes are on Moses Shumah and Kevin Amwayi, the striking duo entrusted with leading Homeboyz's charge.

Amwayi, who missed several golden opportunities in the first leg, carries the weight of redemption on his shoulders.

 The pitch becomes their canvas, and their strategic artistry will be crucial in seizing the elusive goals that could secure their passage to the next round.

Coach Patrick Odhimabo, undeterred by the challenges of playing on foreign soil, exudes confidence in his team's ability to triumph. 

With a well-crafted plan and a deep understanding of his players, Odhimabo aims to orchestrate victory away from home.

"We generated approximately five opportunities; however, we were unable to capitalize on them. The positive aspect is that our opponents were unable to score as well, giving us an opportunity to improve in the upcoming match and advance," stated Odhiambo.

On the opposing end Al Hilal Benghazi, fortified by the shield of a goalless draw in the previous encounter, is not to be underestimated. 

A defensive approach showcased in the first leg will likely give way to an offensive surge on their home turf. This tactical shift could create spaces that Homeboyz will be eager to exploit, transforming the game into a thrilling spectacle of attack and counterattack.

Coach Mohamed Ouda of Al Hilal is resolute in his belief that victory will materialize within the confines of their home stadium.

The energy of their fervent supporters combined with their hunger to advance fuels their determination to complete the job at hand.