Government to find suitable place in Mombasa to build stadium -Ruto

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FOOTBALL Government to find suitable place in Mombasa to build stadium -Ruto

Mark Kinyanjui 20:58 - 01.03.2024

Following the commencement for the construction of Talanta Sports City and the ongoing renovations of Kasarani and Bukhungu, President Ruto has revealed plans to build a stadium in Mombasa.

Kenya President William Ruto has unveiled plans to identify a suitable location in Mombasa for the construction of a high-quality stadium, concurrent with the ongoing development of the new 60,000-seater Talanta Sports City Stadium.

Bukhungu and Kasarani Stadia are presently undergoing renovations, while Nyayo Stadium is scheduled to close in 2025 upon the completion of Kasarani.

During the groundbreaking ceremony at Jamhuri Grounds in Nairobi on Friday morning, President Ruto emphasized that renovations at Kasarani, Nyayo, Bukhungu, and Kipchoge Keino Stadium would be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the new stadium. 

He also pledged to consider the establishment of another stadium in Mombasa.

"Renovations at Kasarani, Nyayo, Bukhungu, Kipchoge Keino Stadium will be done concurrently with this, and we are seriously considering another stadium in Mombasa. We will find a place in Mombasa to do a good stadium," President Ruto stated.

He assured the public that the cost of the Talanta Sports City Stadium project is comparatively lower than similar projects in Africa, such as the Allasane Quatara Stadium in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and the Kigali Amahoro Stadium in Rwanda, both of which hosted significant events recently.

President Ruto emphasized the need for diligence in the construction of the Talanta Sports Stadium, emphasizing that it would be built to world-class standards with military discipline. He outlined expectations for adherence to timelines, regular supervision, and personal involvement in the project every three months until completion.

"To get to the top of the global sport and creativity, we have to start at the bottom, right down to the foundation which is infrastructure development.

“That is why this groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the Talanta Sports City is another step up the ladder of our bottom-up transformation agenda," President Ruto affirmed.

Ababu Namwamba, involved in overseeing the project's completion by December 2025, expressed enthusiasm for the planned refurbishment of other facilities across the country. Aden Duale assured that the Kenya Defense Forces would manage the project to the highest standards, with a commitment to meeting the timelines for AFCON 2027.

"We are here under your (President) instructions just as project managers. We assure before the contractor that all will be done and the timelines be met for AFCON 2027," stated Duale.