Gor coach reveals plan to plug left back hole during Simiti's absence against Murang'a Seal.

Gor coach reveals plan to plug left back hole during Simiti's absence against Murang'a Seal.

Mark Kinyanjui 09:30 - 30.04.2024

Ochieng is recuperating just over a week after suffeing a head injury for coliding with goalkeeper Caleb Omondi as Gor Mahia battled to beat AFC Leopards a week ago.

Gor Mahia's head coach faces a strategic challenge as the team prepares for their upcoming clash against Murang’a Seal, with key left back Geoffrey Ochieng’ sidelined due to injury.

Ochieng sustained a head injury during their clash against sworn rivals AFC Leopards, colliding with the goalkeeper in a bid to clear the ball.

 Despite initial concerns and medical attention, Ochieng was discharged from the hospital but will require at least 14 days of rest and recovery as per concussion protocols.

The absence of Ochieng, affectionately known as Simiti, poses a significant loss for Gor Mahia. His consistent performance has earned him recognition as one of the standout players in the league, making his absence notable for the team.

 Coach McKinstry acknowledges the void left by Ochieng's absence, stating, "We will miss him because he has been one of the players of the year in the league."

In response to Ochieng's absence, McKinstry plans to adapt the team's lineup, considering alternative options to fill the left-back position.

 One potential solution is Bryson Wangai, who, despite being primarily deployed as a left forward, possesses the skill set to operate as a full back. 

McKinstry expresses confidence in Wangai's ability to transition into the defensive role, stating, "Young Bryson Wangai is actually a left back by trade. He has done well breaking into the team as a left forward, but he is actually a full back."

Additionally, McKinstry considers the possibility of utilizing Philemon Otieno, albeit acknowledging potential fitness concerns.

 While Philemon may lack full match fitness, McKinstry views him as a dependable option, potentially offering support from the bench.