KCB striker recounts moment he suffered a black eye for testing another man’s wrath in Kisumu

KCB's Kevin Okumu (no. 27) has given a hilarious account of his teammmate Kennedy Owino (R)

KCB striker recounts moment he suffered a black eye for testing another man’s wrath in Kisumu

Mark Kinyanjui 08:36 - 29.04.2024

KCB right back Kevin Okumu has given a hilarious story about that one time one of his teammates provoked another man for a reason you won't believe in Kisumu.

KCB players have given a hilarious account of how their teammates are like as people following a recent production by Pulse Sports video team.

The Bankers have had a roller-coaster season. They started brightly and were in a title race by December, but losing key players when their contracts expired ruined their plans completely, forcing them to regroup.

This has had a knock on effect on their form  and they find themselves 10th, although their season could be saved with a place in the FKF Cup semi finals (at the time of writing).

You can get the full video on the link above

Naturally, the team needs a break and a laugh to temporarily lighten their moods, and that is what we did, as we got two players to play a game of teammates.

Right back Kevin Okumu and the 2021/22 FKF golden boot winner Derrick Otanga sat down and were asked a couple of questions about their teammates, and they gave their answers, each with hilarious reasons.

One question headlined everything. We asked them about teammates who were likely to get arrested on a night out, and it was at that juncture that Okumu gave a hillarious account of striker Kennedy ‘Daddy’ Owino.

“The last time we were in Kisumu, Daddy found himself getting beaten up and suffered a black eye,” Okumu said before both burst out laughing momentarily.

“He provoked someone’s girl which landed him in trouble and he ended up getting beaten. He got caught.”

Otanga, on the other hand, nominated Brian ‘Rio’ Ochieng’ as the player most likely to stir up trouble, both on and off the field. Describing Rio as a serial provocateur, Otanga playfully accused him of flouting the rules and causing mischief during warm-ups.

“Rio provokes people even here in the team. As people are warming up, he is busy disturbing people and doing funny things. He does not follow the rules,” Otanga said.

In a lighthearted moment, Okumu jokingly declared that Rio would be the last person he'd allow to date his sister, citing Rio's penchant for mischief as the reason.

 Meanwhile, Otanga humorously suggested that captain Gabriel Andika's dreadlocked appearance might betray his loyalty, adding a playful twist to the team's dynamics.