From midfield to farmland: The journey of resilience for Posta Rangers and Harambee Stars player

Posta Rangers midfielder Jackson Macharia on his farm. Photo: KEFWA

From midfield to farmland: The journey of resilience for Posta Rangers and Harambee Stars player

Joel Omotto 11:00 - 26.03.2024

Posta Rangers midfielder Jackson Macharia has already laid the foundation for a successful life after football having decided to turn agriculture.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic's upheaval, Jackson Macharia, the midfield dynamo of Posta Rangers FC, found himself confronting a new challenge: the suspension of football activities.

Unwilling to succumb to uncertainty, Macharia turned to an unexpected arena – farming.

Inspired by his father's wisdom and driven by a desire for self-sustainability, Macharia ventured into agriculture, guided by the belief that investing in the earth would yield abundant rewards.

“I was inspired by my father’s wisdom and driven by a desire for self-sustainability. My father once told me, ‘Invest in the earth, and it will reward you tenfold.’ Despite working hard for many years, he bought his first car from farming,” said Macharia, who received support from the Kenya Footballers’ Welfare Association (KEFWA).

Supported by KEFWA's Mind the Gap programme, which nurtures the entrepreneurial endeavours of professional footballers in Kenya, Macharia embarked on his farming odyssey with determination.

With just an acre of land, Macharia planted onions, cucumbers, and tomatoes, facing numerous obstacles along the way, including pests, rising costs, and the need for continuous capital investment. Yet, he remained steadfast, viewing each challenge as a stepping stone towards his goals.

Posta Rangers midfielder Jackson Macharia on his farm with some former and current players. Photo: KEFWA

“Farming, just like many other ventures, is not a walk in the park. It needs patience and you must learn to accept losses, just like in football,” added Macharia.

For Macharia, the COVID-19 pandemic served as a catalyst for change, prompting him to seek alternative sources of income beyond football.

Balancing farm work with rigorous football training, he learned the true essence of perseverance, recognising that every seed planted symbolised growth, resilience, and abundance.

“I employed two hands to tend to the farm while I honed my craft on the pitch through training. It’s a tough balancing act, but one that taught me the true essence of perseverance. A football career is like a game, with highs and lows. But in farming, every seed planted is a promise of growth, of resilience, of abundance,” said the midfielder.

Macharia has advised fellow players not to wait until they hang their boots before they start investing but rather do it early.

“Football is but a chapter in our lives, but our legacy extends far beyond the pitch. Let us not wait for retirement to plan for our future. Let us sow the seeds of our success today so that tomorrow, we may reap the fruits of our labour,” said Macharia.

Macharia, who joined Posta Rangers this season from Tusker FC where he had been since 2015, has been an integral part of the mailmen’s good run in the Football Kenya Federation Premier League which leaves them in an impressive fifth position with 10 matches remaining.

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