Veteran coach Robert Matano impressed with Firat's vision for Harambee Stars after triumph over Malawi

FOOTBALL Veteran coach Robert Matano impressed with Firat's vision for Harambee Stars after triumph over Malawi

Mark Kinyanjui 12:35 - 25.03.2024

The Tusker head coach has explained why he was encouraged by Harambee Stars' 4-0 win over Malawi, revealing how the team will go far in future.

Experienced coach Robert Matano has given Harambee Stars head coach his seal of approval after being encouraged by how the team performed during their rampant 4-0 win over Malawi in a friendly encounter last Saturday.

Harambee Stars beat the hosts convincingly courtesy of a brace by Michael Olunga and goals by Ayub Timbe and John Avire.

The Kenyans will now be facing Zimbabwe in their second match on Tuesday, 26th March 2024. Speaking following the win on Saturday, Matano revealed he was encouraged by the strategic approach deployed by Engin Firat, also heaping praise on the balanced nature of the squad.

Seven of the players that started the match are in their emerging years, while the other four are vastly experienced, with three of those (Michael Olunga, Patrick Matasi, Teddy Akumu and Ayub Masika) representing Kenya at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

The other seven ( Joseph Okumu, Johnstone Omurwa, Daniel Anyembe, Richard Odada, Chris Erambo, Vincent Mahiga  and Rooney Onyango) are all aged between 22 and 26.

Matano has revealed the attributes he liked about the team.

“There are some (emerging) talents and also experienced players in the team. The physicality of the team is also encouraging, they can play a side of any caliber and stand up to any team if they play together for a long time,” Matano said in his analysis for KBC.

“They are physical, tactical and they are powerful, speedy and skillful. A combination of everything, and that is football.“If you look at the composition of the team, you know it is going to win. Sometimes, we struggle but we did not (against Malawi). Everyone understands his role and was composed. They knew what was expected of them.”

Matano believes Kenya has what it takes to go far in international competitions in future should the team that played in Malawi play with each other for a long time.

“If they can maintain that team, I think we will go far based on what I have seen. I am a coach and I know.

“I would know a losing team early. Good body language, composition and the team strategy is good. The coach has good ideas and plans for the team, and the players put a shift in for each other.”

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