Why Noah Lyles prefers having gold medals to a world record

ATHLETICS Why Noah Lyles prefers having gold medals to a world record

Abigael Wafula 14:45 - 28.03.2024

Noah Lyles has opened up on why he prefers winning many gold medals as compared to breaking world records.

Triple World champion Noah Lyles has admitted that he prefers having gold medals to world records despite being vocal about going for Usain Bolt’s 200m world record.

Lyles noted that having medals is a lifetime thing and they will be your forever unless one gets banned but world records usually come and go.

The two-time World champion explained that times are always shattered from time to time and they are not something he would prefer.

“I would rather have a gold medal because medals last forever as long as you don’t get banned but records will always be broken,” Lyles told the Letsrun.com podcast.

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Meanwhile, Lyles’ coach Lance Brauman also noted that he prefers gold medals to world records and explained that he also hopes Lyles thinks the same way.

“Once you’re an Olympic champion, you’re always an Olympic champion. World records are great, but it’s not what this sport should be about. The sport is a competition, the sport’s running against the other guys in the race,” said Brauman.

Concerning breaking the world record, Brauman believes that his 60m exploits in the indoor season open up the possibility of breaking Usain Bolt’s 19.19 world record in the 200m.

“Maybe he can run the world record, 19.15, 19.12, somewhere in that range, based on the same math, if I’m using it correctly.

“Will he do that? That’s hard to say. When you start talking that fast, there’s a lot of intangibles that you can’t control.

“Weather, time of year, environment, how tired are you from running three races before you get to that, which is five when you get to the final one,” the tactician noted.