Noah Lyles contemplating taking part in surprising fourth event at Paris Olympics

ATHLETICS Noah Lyles contemplating taking part in surprising fourth event at Paris Olympics

Mark Kinyanjui 06:00 - 27.03.2024

Having dominated the 100, 200 and 4 by 100m races at the 2023 World Championships in 2023, Lyles has offered himself for a fourth event at the fourthcoming Olympics, aiming to win four gold medals.

American sprint sensation Noah Lyles could take part in the 4 by 400m for team USA at the forthcoming Olympic games in Paris.

 Lyles possibly strengthened  his case for inclusion in the 4x400-meter relay at the Paris Olympics after helping team USA clinch gold at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland, an event that coincidentally marked his debut at the event in a global competition.

Belgium denied  USA a gold medal at the event, forcing them to settle for second place after Individual gold medalist Alexander Doom, with a 44.88 carry, overtook American anchor Christopher Bailey and gold to the Belgians, 3:02.54 to 3:02.60. The margin of .06 seconds was the smallest in indoor Worlds history.

Lyles has now lobbied to be on the 4x400 at the Paris Olympics to give himself a chance to win a record-tying four gold medals: 100, 200, 4x100, 4x400 on the World Athletics podcast.

“I am sticking around because I might be on the 4 by 400,” Lyles said.

“Strong might, but I have offered my services and I feel like I definitely have a 400 in me at least for this.”

Explaining why he is considering being part of the team, Lyles has attributed it down to feeling in a much better place physically.

“I am lifting a lot more, my body is taking up alot more load. I did the triple and I was like,’wow, I was very shocked by how my body has handled up.

“Every time I go to training now, it is like, how many races can I get in.I am just just causing trouble with my body to a point where, if it comes down to it, if I have the body and I am in the right head space, I can drop a 44 even a 43 split.

Bailey, at 45.32, had the Americans’ fastest leg. Jacory Patterson put the United States ahead with a 45.97 leadoff, followed by Matthew Boling 45.63 and Lyles 45.68.

Lyles was fastest among the six teams’ third legs and handed off in the lead. The Americans needed a bigger one than he supplied.

“I feel like I got the job done,” he said. “Everything I’ve been doing this year, I’ve seen a good 4x4 leg. I’ve seen a great 60 meters, and I’ve been able to run three rounds in one day. I’m very positive about Paris.”

Lyles and his coach, Lance Brauman, told Marsh he would be ready if called upon.

“I didn’t get any explanation,” Lyles said. “I just got the call from coach B.”

Lyles said indoor running is different coming out of the banked turns but that outdoor 400s are a “different scenario.” He said he wanted to prove himself here or at the Florida Relays, and said he did so here.

Since turning pro in 2016, he had run one other 4x400, at the Florida Relays in April 2023.

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