Kiptum, 23, predicts how long his athletics career will last after experts' concerns

ATHLETICS Kiptum, 23, predicts how long his athletics career will last after experts' concerns

Abigael Wafula 09:31 - 21.11.2023

Kelvin Kiptum has shared his ambitions of making sure he continues running for the next 10 or 15 years and win as many races as he can.

Reigning world marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum is not afraid of the longevity in his marathoning career.

Many experts have revealed that since he started his career at a young age, 23, his longevity in the sport is not guaranteed but Kiptum thinks otherwise.

The Valencia Marathon champion explained that he plans to keep running for the next 10 to 15 years and win as much as he can.

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“My ambition is to run at the top of the marathon in the next ten or fifteen years and win as much as possible. But nothing guarantees that.

"My secret is training, running many kilometers a week. I'm not afraid of that, but you can always get injured. What then? Besides, I don't walk alone.

"Tamirat Tola (an Ethiopian runner) won the New York Marathon in 2 hours, 4 minutes and 58 seconds. The course there is very difficult, so that was a great time. You never know how good he will be in Paris,” Kiptum said as per De Tijd.

Just at 23, Kiptum has already made history in all the marathons he has competed in. He made his debut at the Valencia Marathon last year where he clocked the fastest time in a debut to win the race.

He then proceeded to the London Marathon earlier this year and clocked the second-fastest time in history to clinch top honours. Kiptum then shattered Eliud Kipchoge’s world record time of 2:01:09 at the Chicago Marathon after cutting the tape in 2:00:35.

In April next year, he will take part in the Rotterdam Marathon and then, most importantly, the Olympic Games in Paris.

If he wins gold there, he will have achieved most of his goals and there will most likely be no challenge for him but he promised that he will continue running despite having achieved great milestones already.