Kelvin Kiptum honoured in style at Rotterdam Marathon

Kelvin Kiptum's widow Asenath Rotich at the start of 2024 Rotterdam Marathon.

Kelvin Kiptum honoured in style at Rotterdam Marathon

Joel Omotto 12:20 - 14.04.2024

The late Kelvin Kiptum’s memory lingered at the Rotterdam Marathon on Sunday as he was honoured before the race which he had planned to make history at by running sub-2.

World marathon record holder Kelvin Kiptum was honoured at the Rotterdam Marathon which took place on Sunday April 14.

Kiptum, who tragically passed away following a road accident in February, was set to be the star attraction at Rotterdam Marathon where he had declared his interest to run an official marathon under two hours in the Dutch city.

However, it was not to be as the cruel hand of death robbed Kenya and the world a budding athletics talent but organisers of the race did everything to honour the departed hero.

Just before the race, a minute of silence was observed after Kiptum’s family, led by his wife Asenath Rotich, had been invited at the start and presented with a special trophy courtesy of Zepp Health, the company behind the AmazFit Cheetah Pro watch.

The watch, christened the Kelvin Kiptum Commemorative Limited Edition, was unveiled ahead of the race, the design honouring Kiptum's pride for his home by incorporating the Kenyan flag colours on the strap.

All runners in Rotterdam also proudly donned a black ribbon in memory of Kiptum.

Kiptum’s running number (No. 1) has also been retired by race organisers in honour of the fallen world marathon record holder.

In his absence, the elite field had six Kenyans, led by his best friend Kenneth Kipkemoi, who promised to run a race of his life in honour of his departed colleague.

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