Ferdinand Omanyala's plea to relay team ahead of crucial 2024

ATHLETICS Ferdinand Omanyala's plea to relay team ahead of crucial 2024

Abigael Wafula 06:30 - 24.01.2024

Africa's fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has made a plea to the 4x100m relay team ahead of a crucial event that will determine their fate at the Olympics and 2025 World Championships.

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has issued a rallying call to his teammates ahead of the World Athletics Relays in the Bahamas, an event he terms very important.

The Commonwealth Games champion noted that he would want to see the 4x100m relay team qualify for the Olympic Games in Paris, France scheduled for later this year, and the 2025 World Championships in Tokyo, Japan.

Omanyala noted that in order for them to realise the dream, they have to burn the midnight oil and ensure the athletes get to the final in the global relay event scheduled for May 4 and 5.

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“The World Relay by the way…I’m really passionate about team sports and I’m really hoping that we can push the 4x100m relay team to the Olympics.

“We need to get to the World relays on the fourth of May and make sure that we get to that final and I hope my teammates are working as hard as I am because we need to work as a team starting this month and February.

“We need to work as a team and make sure that we get to the Olympics. If we get to the final of the World relays then we are into the Olympics and the 2025 World Championships…that’s another goal that I have, to push the team,” Africa’s fastest man said.

He added that in order for the team to impress at the World Athletics Relays, the team needs to show commitment. He explained that they have to maintain the mindset that they are going to events as competitors and not as participants.

“However, of course, I need to see commitment from my other teammates because it will be fun and games to go out there and just participate.

“We are past that level of just participating in events because we want to go there and be counted as competitors.

“I’m hoping that my teammates are putting that in mind and we have all the same goals and dreams,” Omanyala said.