Ferdinand Omanyala's greatest 'starting line' before Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Ferdinand Omanyala's greatest 'starting line' before Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Abigael Wafula 16:34 - 30.04.2024

Africa's fastest man has opened up on the most important thing for him before heading to the Paris Olympic Games.

With 87 days to go ahead of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, athletes from across the globe are sharpening their talons with eyes fixed on the prize and Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala is not an exception.

Omanyala is doing things differently this year and the first thing he wants to do is to get the blessing from his parents before descending on that starting line with the hope of bringing the stadium to a standstill.

He outlined his parents’ blessings, and also blessings from his spiritual mother, Pastor Feminus Onyangi, as the most important thing ahead of his second appearance at the global bonanza.

“For me, one of my starting lines which is the most important is getting the blessings from my parents and my spiritual mum. That is the biggest starting line for me as we head to Paris,” Omanyala admitted, speaking to Olympics.com.

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“When I used to send him, he would run very fast…he was very jovial as a child. I thank God for giving me a blessing and I’m very grateful,” Omanyala’s mother, Adelaide Omurwa said as the fastest man in Africa interjected saying that they used to compete and she could not catch him.

He added that his spiritual mother is not a relative but she guides him to make the right decisions and walk through the right path of life.

Meanwhile, the Commonwealth Games champion emphasised that after getting the blessings from everyone who matters, he now has the chance to train well and make sure he lives up to the expectations.

Speaking to his younger self, Omanyala said: “Never pressure yourself with things that are out of hand…what’s meant to be will be.

“What I’m looking forward to in Paris is a very good story and not just in Kenya but for the world. I’m the legacy setter and I don’t want that to die…there’s a lot of talent in this country and I know another chapter will be written.”