Ferdinand Omanyala explains why he is happy with his fifth-place finish at Kip Keino Classic

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Ferdinand Omanyala explains why he is happy with his fifth-place finish at Kip Keino Classic

Joel Omotto 09:14 - 21.04.2024

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has given reasons why he is not disappointed at failing to defend his title at Kip Keino Classic following a fifth-place finish.

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala is keen to keep picking momentum slowly as he builds to the Olympics rather than hitting top form early in the season.

Omanyala finished a disappointing fifth at the Kip Keino Classic on Saturday in 10.03 with American Kenny Bednarek winning the race in 9.91 but he is still delighted with what he managed.

The Commonwealth champion feels he needs to take a different approach this season if he has to be successful at the Olympics even if it means starting from the bottom.

“This season we are changing how we are looking at the race, we are happy with what we have run today so we just build on that so now we know where we are,” Omanyala said after the race.

“We are approaching this season differently, I don’t want to peak too early, I don’t want to peak in March and then we go down before August so that is the plan so we will make sure we correct everything as we go on.

“This is my first 100m after a long time so today [Saturday], was to see where we are and see if we are going to push hard in training but the next one month is about maintaining where we are, the real deal is coming in three months, the Olympics.”

Omanyala had not run a competitive 100m race until Saturday and while fans expected another explosive performance for the two-time winner at Kip Keino Classic, it was not to be.

The 27-year-old intends to run between six and seven races before the Olympics, starting with the World Relays Championships in the Bahamas in May.

“We are looking at the World Relays now and after that we will do a couple of races in the US and Diamond Leagues in Europe and then the Olympics,” Omanyala disclosed.

“The target in Bahamas is to make sure the team goes into the Olympics and World Championships next year. It will be the first time the 4x100m goes in so we are looking forward to do that.”