American influencer slammed for bragging about running Brooklyn Half Marathon without paying

Alexa Curtis X.

American influencer slammed for bragging about running Brooklyn Half Marathon without paying

Joel Omotto 20:15 - 30.04.2024

A New York-based social media influencer has come under fire for what is considered cheating after she boasted about running the Brooklyn Half Marathon without paying registration fee.

New York City influencer Alexa Curtis has sparked outrage among fans and participants alike after boasting about running in the Brooklyn Half Marathon without paying the registration fee.

Curtis, who boasts a significant following of over 23,000 on Instagram and 13,000 on X, shared both a video and a tweet detailing her unauthorized participation in the 13.1-mile race.

In her social media posts, she openly admitted to completing the entire course without registering or paying the $125 fee required of participants.

“I just ran 13.1 miles for the Brooklyn half marathon at a 7.43-minute pace. I didn’t walk at all. I cried during a lot of it. I went to bed at 10PM,” Curtis said via a lengthy post on X.

“I didn’t sign up for this race. I just asked the security where it started and where it ended and jumped in. No one watched me cross the finish line this year.

“I didn’t charge my AirPods last night. I didn’t train for this. The most I’ve run in the past 13 months was 6 miles. I had 2 glasses of wine last night.

“Last March I ran the Austin half marathon, was living with the guy I thought I’d be with for the rest of my life: running another business that failed miserably at the end of 2023. I thought I had it all figured out at 25: sick apartment, dope boyfriend, savings, a business with someone, great friends.”

The revelation quickly incited backlash from the running community and social media users, who condemned Curtis for flaunting her disregard for race regulations and ethics.

Many expressed frustrations at her actions, emphasising the unfairness of bypassing the registration process while other participants had paid to compete.

“Bit unfair on the others who have paid for the police support, road closures and first aiders,” replied an observer who was not happy with the post but Curtis fired back, “Life's not fair.”

“You are a bandit and you stole from this race and this community. These things are expensive and for charity. Shame on you,” was another response her post received.

Another one sarcastically replied: “I stole from a charity today and as if that wasn’t enough now I need everyone to give me praise and attention.”

Curtis attempted to justify her actions by describing the race as a cathartic experience, citing nostalgic memories of her time in Brooklyn.

“I ran past my first apartment in Brooklyn, where I lived when I was so broke and blogging living with 5 roommates this morning. Over the past year, I’ve faced the worst heartbreak in business and my personal life. Moved to a different country. Got f***** over so bad in business. Got out of debt and got back into a bit of it,” she continued via the post.

“The only person I relied on to show up and cross that finish line today was myself. When people ask me what being fearless is, it’s like asking security where the race starts and where it ends.”

However, her explanation failed to quell the backlash, with critics asserting that her personal sentiments did not excuse her lack of respect for the event's organizers and fellow participants.

The incident has reignited discussions about integrity and accountability within the influencer community, with many calling for Curtis to publicly apologize and acknowledge the impact of her actions.

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