Why Shujaa were confident of thrashing Germany & bouncing back to World Rugby Sevens Series

Why Shujaa were confident of thrashing Germany & bouncing back to World Rugby Sevens Series

Abigael Wafula 15:36 - 12.06.2024

Shujaa players Patrick Odongo and George Ooro have explained why they were confident of beating Germany despite having lost twice playing against them in their previous games.

Some of the Kenya Sevens players have disclosed why they knew they would thrash Germany in a tense playoff match in Madrid, Spain.

Shujaa thrashed Germany 33-15 to claim the top honours and make their way back to the World Sevens Series. Speaking on Sport On, Patrick Odongo revealed that on that particular day, the players woke up in a happy mood and it was evident that they would not let Germany obliterate them for the third time.

Odongo explained that despite his injury, his teammates were optimistic that he would play a good game and they would beat Germany. He explained that they had a talk with their captains and as they entered the pitch, they knew what they were going to do.

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“That day, everyone woke up happy and as we were walking along the corridors, everyone was celebrating before the game, very early in the morning.

“We were supposed to go for an ice bath but it was cancelled and everyone was there, celebrating on the highway. The previous day, I had an injury and was struggling to run but people were like I ust get into the game and we get done with it and leave.

“Everyone was confident that we had already won and encouraged me to show up and we were confident that Germany could not beat us thrice. Through our captains, we talked and were ready for the task and it came out and we won,” Odongo said.

Meanwhile, George Ooro added that their training in France also played a huge role in ensuring that they changed their style of play.

He added that they worked on their defense and skill work and ahead of their clash against Germany, they were sure of winning.

“We were confident because of the training that we had in France because there were some changes that we made in our defense and skill work and out of the changes in our previous game, we played exactly how we were taught. It was showing that we were going to win,” Ooro said.