Shujaa captain Tony Omondi banking on Dubai Challenger Series lessons to triumph in Uruguay

RUGBY Shujaa captain Tony Omondi banking on Dubai Challenger Series lessons to triumph in Uruguay

Mark Kinyanjui 10:14 - 01.03.2024

Kenya Sevens co-captain Tony Omondi has revealed what the side learnt during their succesful opening Dubai Challenger series that they will use to perform even better in Uruguay.

Shujaa Sevens co-captain Tony Omondi has looked back on their successful Dubai Challenger back in January as the team prepares to fly out to Uruguay for the second leg of the HSBC Sevens Challenger series on Sunday morning.

Shujaa currently tops the standings after clinching the title in Dubai and will be seeking to replicate their performance in Montevideo, where nothing less than a top-four finish will be considered successful.

Omondi has picked the lessons from the tournament, where they did lose one game to Germany despite eventually winning it, which they will use in Uruguay in order to become even better.

“As the results showed, the tournament was successful,” Omondi told Pulse Sports.

“We were looking to finish in top four but fortunately enough, we surpassed expectations and ended up clinching the title which was a very good start for us.”

“It served us an experience and a reminder that each and every team has to be taken care of in terms of mentally, physically.

“For example, the Germany game, we did not expect them to be too physical with us and that ended up hurting us and we lost the game but after the game, we reviewed and sat down with the coaches and came up with a plan to understand what needed to be done so that we could end up finishing in top four.”

Looking ahead to the Uruguay leg, Omondi expressed confidence in the team's depth, acknowledging the inclusion of players who debuted in the previous tournament. He believes in the capabilities of each individual to contribute to the team's success.

“If you look at the larger crop of players, I believe there were some snippets of those who were to debut and those who were not there during the Safari Sevens and everyone is capable enough to hold their weight when it comes to playing.

“I believe it will be successful one for us. Everyone is given an opportunity so it is up to each  and every individual to showcase what they have to give to the team.

“Hopefully at the end of the day, we will come out on top.”

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