German tennis star in awe of Okutoyi's performance at Women’s World Tennis Tour tourney

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TENNIS German tennis star in awe of Okutoyi's performance at Women’s World Tennis Tour tourney

Abigael Wafula 11:37 - 24.12.2023

A German tennis star has showered Angela Okutoyi with love after her world-class performance at the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W25) tournament.

German tennis star Lena Papadakis has lauded Angella Okutoyi’s commanding exploits at the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W25) tournament held at the Nairobi Club.

Okutoyi was the eventual winner in the Singles category and also clinched top honours in the Doubles category after being paired with Burundi’s Sada Nahimana.

The Kenyan tennis sensation started off the first set against her opponent Papadakis with a win of 6-3. She stumbled in the second set and the German took the win, beating Okutoyi by five points. Okutoyi roared back in the third set and took the top honours, winning 6-1.

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The German was in awe of Okutoyi’s mastery of the sport and observed that the win was well deserved.

“She is a really great player…she fought and played unbelievably well and she is very calm. I think she is a great person and I wish her all the best.

"I think today her win was well deserved…it was okay. However, I wanted to win and I think we both did a good job and in the last few minutes, Angella played unbelievably and the crowds were cheering her on,” Papadakis said.

She added that playing on Kenyan soil was great and loved every bit of the games she was able to play. She also observed that the courts were comfortable to play on.

She added that Kenya hosting the tournament is a huge step for developing countries and is proof that anything is possible.

“The courts are really good and I enjoyed playing here…it was perfect. Tennis Kenya did a great job of developing the sport in the country. It’s a big deal and people are so nice here, we really enjoyed it,” she said.