Ferdinand Omanyala on what Angela Okutoyi represents in the world of tennis

Ferdinand Omanyala on what Angela Okutoyi represents in the world of tennis

Abigael Wafula 20:32 - 25.12.2023

Ferdinand Omanyala has opened up on what he thinks youngster Angela Okutoyi represents when it comes to her sport.

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala has lauded Angela Okutoyi for her resilience and hard work that has earned her name among the greats of tennis in Africa and even the world.

Omanyala was in awe of the youngster’s performance during the ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour (W25) tournament held at the Nairobi Club.

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“I enjoyed the game on Friday and congratulations to Angie (Okutoyi) for winning the W25. She represents our diversity…we are good in different sports but in tennis, she has continued to get up that ladder which is a good thing. It is just like the way the sprints are coming up.

For me, it’s the encouragement and motivation that she is giving to the young ladies, just to show them that it’s possible and that they can achieve whatever they want.

It’s also some sought of empowerment as she is playing in the field…it is an encouragement to the young women,” Omanyala said in an interview.

Meanwhile, Okutoyi bagged double gold in the tournament, starting with the Doubles victory and later winning the Singles category.

In the Singles category, Okutoyi was in a class of her own as she started the first set against her opponent Lena Papadakis with a win of 6-3.

She stumbled in the second set and the German took the win, beating Okutoyi by five points. Okutoyi roared back in the third set and took the top honours, winning 6-1.

In the Doubles category, Okutoyi had been paired with Burundian Sada Nahimana, and the pair stunned their opponents, Lena Papadakis and Jessie Aney.

Okutoyi and her partner won the first set 6-3 before going down 3-6 in the second set. The third set saw the Kenyan star and her partner win 10-7 to carry the day.