White-Label Vs Non-GamStop Betting Sites: What’s the Difference?

White-Label Vs Non-GamStop Betting Sites: What’s the Difference?

16:18 - 27.06.2024

This article will help a business person trying to take a hand in the betting business.

Are you a business person by blood trying to take a hand in the betting business? The world of sports betting is a rollercoaster.

Thus, it is always safe to understand the footing of the gambling business before entering the world of stake. For this, one needs to do ground-level research on how these systems work and one of these is the understanding of the difference between White-label Betting Sites and Non-GamStop Gambling Sites.

White-Label Betting Sites

The white labels are the experienced companies that help customers by producing and operating every product of a gambling site and then selling it to the different companies, which just brand the product and sell it by marking it as their own. The white labels take care of every detail - odds feeds, the infrastructure of online gaming, software, etc.

Moreover, they are concerned with the safety and security of the customers, taking care of getting the licenses. They also take vigil upon customers’ payments. Thus, the white labels provide the ready-made structure to other companies and these companies just mould the structure with their brand name and earn millions by advertising it.

Sometimes, the white labels also engage third-party companies in providing the structure. For example, the white labels take care of the software and security, and the third-party companies take care of the licenses. 

Non-GamStop Betting Sites

Some companies operate outside British legislation regarding online gambling. This does not mean that these betting platforms are illegal - it rather means that they operate under a licence different from the one issued by the UKGC.

So, what is a bookmaker without GamStop? In general, it is a betting platform that operates outside the UK Gambling Commission's self-exclusion scheme, GamStop. GamStop allows users to block themselves from all licensed UK gambling sites for a set period.  Non-GamStop bookmakers described at NonStopCasino.org typically hold licenses in other jurisdictions and are not bound by GamStop restrictions.

This means users excluded through GamStop can still place bets on these sites. It's important to note that non-GamStop bookmakers may not offer the same level of player protection or regulations as UKGC-licensed sites. Responsible gambling becomes even more important when considering non-GamStop options.

There are some amazing features that non-GamStop online betting sites offer:

No formal registration and documents showing: These betting sites enhance their popularity by making the registration process hassle-free, as the bettors are not asked to register with document verification. They just need to do a prior registration before betting on sports.

Multiple types of sports to bet on: Non-GamStop bookmakers tend to have a large selection of types of sports that users can bet on. Besides, there are also eSports disciplines and virtual sports such as football or horse racing.

No Barriers: It attracts gamblers all over the world by unveiling its products without creating any barriers. The national and international - players are welcome here.

Besides these features, it has some limitations as well. Unlike the popular online sites, it cannot provide a wide range of payment options to its players, though it allows other transaction methods such as debit cards – Visa, MasterCard; and e-wallets.


Though these white labels and non-GamStop betting sites have their limitations, both of them have values and demands of their own. In the stake market, they are just like the two pillars of the sports betting business, along with licensing and National Sports Bill.