What AFC Leopards must do to compete for the title next season

What AFC Leopards must do to compete for the title next season

Festus Chuma 06:52 - 24.05.2024

Since 1998, AFC Leopards have not won the league title, but strategic changes next season could reignite their championship aspirations.

One thing is clear as the current football season winds down: AFC Leopards need a focused strategy to reclaim their past glory.

 Last capturing the league title in 1998, the team's fans are eager to see a turnaround. 

Under the new leadership of coach Thomas Trucha, who took the reins last October amid a tumultuous start to the season, there is a palpable sense of urgency to rebuild and revitalize.

Ingwe are currently six positions behind the leader, holding 47 points to Tusker's 56 with just three matches remaining. 

"Top three is too far because there is a big gap between us and Tusker. We want to try to be top six, that I believe is achievable," Trucha commented, reflecting a realistic assessment of the season's prospects.

To spearhead a championship run next season, AFC Leopards must address several critical areas:

Sort out goalkeeping inconsistencies

Leopards' goalkeepers, Levis Opiyo and Humphrey Katasi, while talented, have battled inconsistencies likely exacerbated by splitting duties. 

This has unsettled the defense and diminished the goalkeepers' authority and confidence.

 A more stable goalkeeping situation could be the cornerstone of a more formidable defense.

Enhanced recruitment

While recruitment improved in the mid season transfer window, there is still room for growth. 

The team often signs players who struggle under the weight of expectations. 

Identifying and acquiring players who not only have skill but also the mental fortitude to thrive under pressure will be crucial.

Trust in youth

The team has promising young talents like Kayci Odhiambo and Kelly Madada, who have shown flashes of brilliance. 

Integrating more young players consistently into the lineup could invigorate the squad with new energy and ideas.

Find potency up front

The offensive line also needs re-evaluation. Rwandese striker Arthur Gitego has primarily scored against weaker opponents in the FKF Cup, while Brian Yakhama has missed key opportunities in league play. 

Exploring new attacking options during the transfer window could bolster Leopards' goal-scoring capabilities.

Prioritize silverware

Winning the FKF Cup this season should be a priority. 

A trophy win would not only end a seven-year drought but also boost team morale, fan engagement, and give Trucha the leverage to build confidence among his squad.

These strategies, combined with a renewed focus on building a cohesive team spirit, could set AFC Leopards on a path to compete earnestly for the title next season.

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