Hussein Mohammed demands swift justice in FKF corruption saga involving Nick Mwendwa

Hussein Mohammed demands swift justice in FKF corruption saga involving Nick Mwendwa

Festus Chuma 11:30 - 21.05.2024

Nick Mwendwa finds himself targeted by FKF presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed urging speedy prosecution over alleged corruption in stadium funds.

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential hopeful Hussein Mohammed has intensified his call for immediate legal action against officials implicated in corruption scandals within the federation, specifically targeting former FKF president Nick Mwendwa. 

This call follows recent recommendations from the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for the prosecution of several key figures, including Mwendwa and former Permanent Secretary Peter Kaberia, linked to financial misdeeds.

On Friday, the EACC disclosed its findings and suggested prosecuting those involved in the misuse of over Sh330 million intended for stadium upgrades for the 2018 African Nations Championship (CHAN). 

Kenya’s inability to meet the hosting requirements for CHAN led to the country being stripped of its hosting rights, primarily due to the uncompleted stadium projects.

Hussein Mohammed, who also serves as the vice-chairman of Murang’a Seal FC, expressed his frustration with the slow pace of legal proceedings in corruption cases associated with the FKF.

 "It is saddening because, in the past eight years, there have been several court cases regarding the current FKF office and I think there are some investigations going on," he said on Radio47.

"It is time we see some prosecutions rather than just saying that there is corruption and then nothing is happening. It is time we need to see action because many of players' lives are ending because of mismanagement by some very few individuals running the game."

The football administrator further called for robust follow-up on these allegations. 

"We need to follow up on these things and see those involved arrested and aligned in court so that justice can prevail," he concluded.

The files containing detailed allegations against the suspects, including Mwendwa, have been forwarded to the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution (ODPP) for further action. 

The ODPP now faces the task of initiating formal charges based on the recommendations of the EACC.

According to the EACC’s Quarterly Report, published in the Kenya Gazette for the period from January 1 to March 31, 2024, Nick Mwendwa is accused of overseeing a significant financial loss. 

This loss amounted to Ksh1.5 billion in a failed tender for stadium upgrades.

 As a result, the EACC has recommended charging Mwendwa with conspiracy to commit an offense of corruption, abuse of office, and financial misconduct.

 Additionally, he may face charges for wilful failure to comply with the law relating to procurement.

The spotlight on these allegations by Hussein Mohammed is seen as part of his campaign strategy to cleanse the federation and restore integrity if he is elected as FKF president.

By pushing for quick legal resolutions and highlighting ongoing corruption within the federation Mohammed aims to rally public and stakeholder support for a more transparent and accountable football administration in Kenya.

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