Victor Wanyama's Milwaukee Bucks  jersey choice sets off banter between ex-Montreal teammate

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FOOTBALL Victor Wanyama's Milwaukee Bucks jersey choice sets off banter between ex-Montreal teammate

Festus Chuma 19:05 - 21.11.2023

Former Harambee Stars captain's Instagram post in a Milwaukee Bucks jersey sparks playful rivalry among fans and teammates.

Former Harambee Stars captain and renowned midfielder Victor Wanyama, found himself at the center of a playful social media spat that left one of his former Montreal teammates, Alistair Johnston, feeling a little queasy.

The source of this friendly banter? A flashy red Hummer and a Milwaukee Bucks NBA vest.

Wanyama posted a photo as he perched on the bonnet of the striking Hummer.

His Instagram post showcased his distinctive style, but it was his choice of attire that set off a humorous exchange.

Alistair Johnston, the right-back who had once shared the field with Wanyama during their time at Montreal, could not resist chiming in.

He playfully commented on the post with the words, "Bucks Jersey," accompanied by a 'spewing' emoji.

The reason behind Johnston's reaction was as much about team loyalty as it was about style.

Victor Wanyama, in the photograph, was proudly sporting a Milwaukee Bucks NBA vest, a nod to the basketball team.

However, Alistair Johnston's allegiance firmly rested with the Toronto Raptors, the rivals of the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA.

The rivalry between the Raptors and the Bucks had intensified recently, with a game that had taken place at the Scotiabank Arena just the previous Thursday.

The outcome had favored the Bucks, which might have left a bitter taste for Johnston, a devoted Raptors supporter.

Johnston was quoted by Scottish Sun as he expalined his dual sporting preferences,

"[The Canucks] have had a really tough last decade, unfortunately. The Raptors had a really special year a couple of years ago when we won our first-ever NBA Championship, and the city was just crazy that entire summer. I don't really have a preference between the two, but considering the Raptors have generally been better the last couple of years? Yeah, definitely the Raptors!," he said.

Johnston's love for the physicality of sports, especially soccer, can be traced back to his background in ice hockey.

"I played hockey competitively in the winter and then soccer in the summer, and I was always known as a guy who loved to bodycheck and to hit guys. I've always loved the feeling of just laying someone out, as crazy as that sounds, and I just brought that attitude into soccer.

"I love a good tackle to this day. Nothing gets me more excited [than] if I get clattered into by an opponent or I clatter into him and it's clean and the guy starts pushing me back. That's something I just love," he added.

Alistair Johnston's journey in the world of soccer led him to make the switch from Montreal to Celtic FC, a Scottish Premier League powerhouse, in December 2022.

This transfer marked a significant move in his career after a successful season with Montreal following his acquisition in a trade from Nashville SC. 

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