Engin Firat passionately reacts to Harambee Stars' triumph over Malawi


FOOTBALL Engin Firat passionately reacts to Harambee Stars' triumph over Malawi

Festus Chuma 10:02 - 24.03.2024

Engin Firat has reacted to Harambee Stars' 4-0 win against Malawi in the Four Nations Tournament match on Saturday, comparing his side to Senegal.

Harambee Stars head coach Engin Firat has showered his team with praise following a remarkable 4-0 victory over Malawi in a thrilling Four Nations Tournament opener on Saturday afternoon. 

Stars, led by the dynamic Michael Olunga who netted twice in the first half, saw additional goals from Ayub Timbe and John Avire in the latter half, sealing a dominant win.

Firat, in a post-match reflection, did not just focus on the victory but also highlighted the integration of new talents into the squad.

 "In football, as a coach, you have to do everything together. We are not like Senegal, where you can 'go like in a supermarket' and select players from top teams in Europe. For example, I travel everywhere, even to villages and high schools, to find boys and give them a chance. By doing this, you risk a lot," he said.

The Turkish gaffer added that his approach extends beyond mere talent scouting and that it is about building a cohesive unit bound by a singular heart and purpose.

 "Some players I put out because if you want to be a team, you have to be like one heart. When players don't think about the team, then I let them go, no matter who they are," Firat elaborated.

Despite advancing to the final, where they are set to face Zimbabwe—an opponent that edged past former African champions Zambia in a nerve-wracking penalty shootout—Firat's eyes are set on a grander vision.

 "The trophy doesn't mean anything to me; more important is how the boys that I give the first chance develop," he remarked, citing the example of 19-year-old Chriphine Erambo, whose rapid ascent from the second division to the national team epitomizes Firat's philosophy.

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