'The truth will come out soon'- Tearful Antony maintains innocence amidst accusations of sexual assault on three women

'The truth will come out soon'- Tearful Antony maintains innocence amidst accusations of sexual assault on three women

Mark Kinyanjui 09:36 - 09.09.2023

The Man United winger was tearful on Brazilian television, speaking out for the first time since two more women accused him of assaulting them sexually on Monday night.

Tearful Manchester United winger Antony insists he does not fear for his future despite the sexual assault allegations laid upon him by three different women over the last fortight.

Antony's ex-girlfriend Gabriela Cavallin has alleged that he assaulted her on four occasions, and he has also been accused by two more women in Brazil, Rayssa de Freitas and Ingrid Lana. The 23-year-winger has denied any wrongdoing.

Brazil dropped Antony from their squad when the fresh claims came to light on Monday, but United have not taken any action yet as investigations continue in Manchester and Sao Paulo.

Giving a tearful interview to Brazilian TV channel SBT on Friday night, Antony insisted that the truth ‘would come out’ soon and that he remains confident he will be exonerated.

“'It's something that doesn't cross my mind,” Antony said.

“I know the truth and it will come out. I know many are butchering me, but the truth always comes out.

“United are on top of the whole inquiry. They're following up and they're going to keep up."

However, the former Ajax man admits it hurt that Brazil dropped him from their squad for the World Cup qualifiers against Bolivia and Peru.

“It was tough, even more so for one thing that I'm sure isn't true and gained this whole proportion," he added.

“I was here with my mum when I heard I was going to be cut. It's not easy. We work to realise a dream, and wearing the national team jersey is a dream I face every day.”

Antony spoke out against domestic violence and insisted that he would never harm a woman. 

“I don't support this ever. It's totally wrong, 100 per cent wrong. I have a mother, a sister, and I would never want this to happen to them," he said.

“I'm 100 per cent sure I've never touched a woman, and I'll come up with the evidence. People will see the truth. I have never assaulted and I will never assault. I'm sure I've never committed physical violence.

“Anyone who has been with me since I was little, when I had nothing, knows my character and how much I sweated to get here. 

“What I want most is to show the people that this is me. I want to achieve a lot of things. 

“I have many goals and many dreams. I want to show who I really am. I dream of returning to the national team and I want to show that Antony is innocent of all this."

The most serious of Cavallin's claims alleges that Antony head-butted her during a row at a Manchester hotel in January during an assault that dislodged a breast implant. She has also accused the club of trying to cover up the incident, an accusation the club say is 'categorically false'.

“The situation of the silicone was diagnosed in 2020 before I met her. She already had to change it. Do I punch a woman in the chest? Never," the winger insisted. 

“At no time did I touch her. I'm never going to head-butt a person. She was in a hotel and texted me. I went to her hotel and we had lunch together normally. But there was one thing that irritated her, which was when I said I needed to go because I had my commitments. We had an argument!”

Last month, United decided that Mason Greenwood could not play for the club again even though he denied allegations of attempted rape and assault, and the Crown Prosecution Service dropped all charges in February.

Greenwood is now rebuilding his career at Getafe.