Samuel Eto'o, Cameroon Sports Ministry official in near-fist fight over coach Marc Brys dispute [VIDEO]

Samuel Eto'o, Cameroon Sports Ministry official in near-fist fight over coach Marc Brys dispute [VIDEO]

Festus Chuma 16:30 - 28.05.2024

Samuel Eto'o and sports minister’s team clashed in heated meeting over Cameroon national team coaching staff, leading to a near-fist fight.

Samuel Eto'o's meeting with Cameroon national team coach Marc Brys descended into chaos on Tuesday, as both parties failed to reach an agreement, culminating in a near-fist fight at the FA headquarters in Yaounde. 

The high-stakes meeting was intended to restore order ahead of upcoming World Cup qualification matches against Cape Verde and Angola, but instead highlighted deep-seated conflicts between the football federation and the sports ministry.

The Ministry of Sports's appointed coaching staff and the sports minister’s representative, Cyrille Tolo, arrived at the FECAFOOT head office in Tsinga Yaounde, only to face immediate resistance. 

While Marc Brys and his assistant were granted entry, the Minster of Sports technical adviser and other collaborators were initially barred.

After being permitted entry, the situation quickly escalated as the meeting's format, which involved only Brys and his assistant, was rejected by the MINSEP camp, leading to a heated exchange. 

FECAFOOT President Samuel Eto’o clashed directly with Cyrille Tolo and Marc Brys. 

“Do not disturb my workspace…you know me very well…When I come to the Ministry, I respect you, here, I’m the only boss. It is the last time that I’m telling you,” Eto’o warned as per Cameroon News Agency.

Tolo, unwavering, responded, “No you won’t work with your collaborators…because I have instructions from the ministry.”

The argument intensified as Eto’o’s voice rose, prompting a sharp retort from Tolo.

 “You do not raise your voice at me.” The standoff continued with Eto’o insisting, “I do not want noise here.” 

Turning to Marc Brys, Eto’o asserted, “You’re coach because I appointed you, not because someone else appointed you.” 

Brys, unfazed, countered, “Don’t talk to me like that, I’m the coach here.”

 He further stated, “I am the one that decides at the end, who I do what with,” a declaration Eto’o immediately disputed. 

The FECAFOOT president made it clear that if Brys left the office without attending the meeting, he should never return.

The confrontation reached a boiling point as the coach, the minister’s representative, and other national team staff members exited together. 

Tolo maintained that there is only one legitimate coaching staff—the one appointed by the Sports Ministry—not the one validated by Eto’o.

The dramatic fallout raises serious concerns about the stability and unity of the Cameroon national team’s management as they approach crucial World Cup qualifiers. 

Cameroon lead Group D with four points same as Cape Verde and Libya while Angola have two, Mauritius one and Eswatini are pointless.

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